What are this week's celebrations?

National Dentist’s Day

On March 6th, we'll all remember to say, Thank you to the person who keeps our pearly whites in tip-top shape every 6 months.

National Dress Day

On March 6th, we observe National Dress Day by focusing on memorable events from which we can recall fondest memories by what we were wearing.

National Oreo Cookie Day

As it is National Oreo Cookie Day, be sure to observe by holding your glass of milk on hand. On March 6th, this day is celebrated around the world each year.

National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

On March 6th, National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day will provide another way to celebrate one of our favorite desserts. Bakers from around the country inspire us with their delectable creations on this indulgent day.

National Be Heard Day

Small businesses around the country are encouraged to make their presence known on the 7th day of March each year. The day honors the over 145 million small businesses in the United States struggling to be heard amid the big-business-dominated chaos.

National Cereal Day

Each year, National Cereal Day is March 7th, so we should get our bowl spoons ready for National Cereal Day. Since the end of the 19th century, cereal has been America's most popular breakfast dish.

National Crown Roast Of Pork Day

On National Crown Roast of Pork Day, a delectable and elegant savory dish on National Crown Roast of Pork Day is recognized. The menu suggests that a beautifully laid table is set to host a feast worthy of royalty or a celebration.

National Flapjack Day

National Flapjack Day is celebrated on March 7th with piping hot flavor and goodness. The day honors the robust, wholesome cakes we've been baking for generations. Recipes passed down from grandmother to son and mother to daughter are still giving smiles to families around the country.

International Women's Day

Each year, International Women's Day, on March 8th, commemorates women around the world's political, economic, and political achievements. The day also raises international attention to gender parity. Global gender parity is projected to be achieved by 2133, according to the World Economic Forum.

National Oregon Day

We recognize each state in the order they entered the union, beginning with Hawaii and ending with Hawaii on Independence Day. We feature a small part of each state's past, foods, and the people who make up the state. There's so much more to discover, we can't help but celebrate our beautiful country even more.

National Peanut Cluster Day

National Peanut Cluster Day is March 8th, and it is the National Peanut Cluster Day. Melted chocolate mixed with peanuts makes a delectable and salty snack combo!

National Proofreading Day

Proofreading our written work is a hallmark of every year on March 8th, National Proofreading Day highlights the importance of proofreading our written work. Many that enjoy proofreading are also able to gently correct others. However, constructive criticism is usually welcome if given the opportunity to proofread another's work.

National Barbie Day

National Barbie Day, March 9th, honors an iconic toy that premiered on this day in 1959. Barbie debuted at the American International Toy Fair in New York in New York.

National Crab Meat Day

National Crab Meat Day (also National Crabmeat Day) is a day to commemorate one of America's favorite crustaceans, and it is celebrated annually on March 9th. With 1.5 million tons of crab consumed every year around the world, many crab meat enthusiasts celebrate every year.

National Get Over It Day

People from around the country observe National Get Over It Day on March 9th. Each year on the 9th of March, people around the world observe National Get Over It Day. GET OVER IT. The day is to do exactly that, as it says, so do it.

National Meatball Day

On March 9th, we celebrate National Meatball Day, one of the best American food holidays, on March 9th.

International Bagpipe Day

Every year on March 10th, International Bagpipe Day commemorates this special device. To the general public, the day also highlights the diversity of bagpipes.

National Blueberry Popover Day

What better way to start March 10th than with National Blueberry Popover Day? Popovers are airy rolls that puff up when baked, peeking over the tin's edge. On the outside, they are light and crisp, but the insides are warm and often hollow, while the insides are warm and often hollow. They can be filled with custards, creams, and fruit for a sweet treat, especially blueberries.

National Mario Day

On Mar 10, National Mario Day in the United States recognizes an iconic character from a popular video game. The character, who is now known as Mario, first appeared in 1981 in a Nintendo game called Donkey Kong.

National Pack Your Lunch Day

On March 10th, National Pack Your Lunch Day encourages people around the country to bring their lunch to work, school, or wherever they're spending the day. With fresh and healthful meal options, it's a chance to reimagine lunchtime.

National Women And Girls Hiv/aids Awareness Day

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, which is celebrated annually on March 10th, empowers people around the world with knowledge and facts about HIV/AIDS. It also focuses on the often overlooked effect it has on women and girls.

National 311 Day

National 311 Day on 311 Day provides an annual reminder that 311 is a resource for communities around the country to connect with their city and non-emergency services. The 311 system is the non-emergency number to call in many cities around the country for residents to report problems, find out about city services, and ask questions.

National Funeral Director And Mortician Recognition Day

On March 11th, National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day reminds us to thank the professionals who consider every need during the most difficult time in our lives.

National Johnny Appleseed Day

## Appleeed day is the oldest national johnny appleseed day in history.

National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

On March 11th, a healthier version of the classic waffle is on display at National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day. A waffle dish made from whole grain oats and chopped nuts is a delectable, healthy way to start your morning.

National Promposal Day

The ultimate question each year is asked on March 11th, on National Promposal Day. Will you go to prom with me? says the young girl. It's the day for high school students from around North America to design their own invitation to the year's grand celebration.

National Worship Of Tools Day

National Worship of Tools Day is March 11th. This is a day to go out into the garage, the tool shed, the storage closet, or wherever you keep your tools. You can clean them, reorganize them, make something new with them, make something new with them, or even go to the store and buy a new one.

World Plumbing Day

Every year on March 11th, World Plumbing Day highlights the critical role of plumbing in safeguarding public health.

National Baked Scallops Day

The scallop is a common delicacy on March 12th and is commemorated on National Baked Scallops Day and a common delicacy.

National Girl Scout Day

Girl Scouting in America each year is recognized as part of Girl Scout Week, National Girl Scout Day on March 12th honors Girl Scouting's rich history and legacy.

National Plant A Flower Day

Spring is just around the corner, and March 12th is the day to participate in National Plant a Flower Day. Each year this day is dedicated to the planting of flowers and looking forward to the spring season. Flower gardening has become a favorite among many, young and old, and National Plant a Flower Day is a start to the new season each year.

National Working Moms Day

Every mother is a working mother. National Working Moms Day, March 12th, honors the breadwinners and the breadmakers, the educators, and the role models, all of our children's lives.