October is International Coffee, International Raccoon Appreciation, National Black Dog, National Fire Pup, National Green City and more!

International Coffee Day

Every year on October 1st, International Coffee Day honors one of the world's most popular beverages. It's also a day to promote fair trade coffee and raise concerns about the coffee growers' plight.

International Raccoon Appreciation Day

Every year on October 1st, International Raccoon Appreciation Day encourages people to learn more about raccoons and show appreciation for them. The day also encourages people to protect the raccoon's natural habitat.

National Custodial Worker's Recognition Day

National Custodial Worker's Recognition Day, on October 2nd, encourages employees who help our classrooms and workplaces around the country keep our classrooms and workplaces running smoothly.

National Fried Scallops Day

National Fried Scallops Day is a seafood dish that is popular around the country right at the start of National Seafood Month. Each year, scallop enthusiasts gather in October 2nd to celebrate their favorite dishes.

Global Smoothie Day

Global Smoothie Day, October 3rd, celebrates how smoothies mixed with whole foods are an easy and enjoyable way to get nutrients. People around the world are also encouraged to drink a smoothie.

National Boyfriend Day

On October 3rd, National Boyfriend Day (also known as National Boyfriend's Day) honors the sweetheart in your life. This day, like special days for family members, this day devotes our attention to our boyfriends in our lives.

National Cinnamon Bun Day

On October 4th, we are treated to a Scandinavian pastry on National Cinnamon Bun Day.

National Golf Lover's Day

Golf enthusiasts will swing down the fairway at least one more time during the season on October 4th, giving golfers a chance to swing down the fairway at least once more time during the season.

National Apple Betty Day

On October 5, fall ushers in National Apple Betty Day with a sweet aroma of apples baked in cinnamon and oats.

National Do Something Nice Day

Every year on October 5, people around the country observe National Do Something Nice Day.

National Coaches Day

National Coaches Day, October 6th, honors the men and women who inspire us to work harder and do our best on our best.

National German-american Day

National German-American Day in the United States commemorates the German heritage millions of Americans claim on October 6th.

National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day

The sweet and salty goodness of National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day is officially recognized on October 7th. If they're dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate, be sure to celebrate every delectable pretzel bite.

American Touch Tag Day

Tag! You're it! On October 8th, American Touch Tag Day celebrates the classic childhood game and encourages children of all ages to play. The game lends itself to long hours of playing outside at recess, after school, and on weekends. The best way to celebrate is to get out in the fresh air, running around, and tagging someone.

International Octopus Day


International Beer And Pizza Day

International Beer and Pizza Day, October 9th, honors one of the world's best combinations of food and drink on October 9th. It's also a day to celebrate the good things in life.

National Leif Erikson Day

Tour a Norwegian heritage museum on tour. Learn about Norse roots, their discovery, and more. Dive into the tale of this discovery in books as well. We suggest Who was Leif Erikson by Nico Medina or Before Columbus: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel's Leif Erikson Expedition We suggest Who was Leif Erikson by Nico Medina or Before Columbus: The Leif Erikson Expedition Share your Norse roots. However you celebrate, use #LeifEriksonDay to post on social media.

International Stage Management Day

Every year on October 10th, International Stage Management Day celebrates and acknowledges all the hard work that stage managers do behind the scenes. It's also a day to learn more about what stage managers do.

National Angel Food Cake Day

On October 10th, the delectable, light, and fluffy cake that many home cooks serve with fruit or glazes is commemorated.

General Pulaski Memorial Day

## How to attend general pulaski memorial day on general pulaski memorial day.

English Language Day - April 23

People observe English Language Day on April 23 each year on a United Nations (UN) observance.

International Plain Language Day

The use of clear and simple information is encouraged on International Plain Language Day, October 13, worldwide Plain Language Day. It's also a day to remind people that plain language is important.

Be Bald And Be Free Day

On October 14th, Be Bald and Be Free Day will commemorates the naked crown. Bald and Free Day are two separate days in some cases.

National Dessert Day

Every October 14th on National Dessert Day, people from around the country indulge every October 14th. Candies, pies, ice cream, fruits, cookies, cobblers, and donuts are among the desserts that candies, pies, pies, grandma's house or chocolate store are among the local bakery's, grandma's house or chocolate store's desserts.

National Aesthetician Day

We shine the spotlight on the beauty specialists who keep us looking our best on October 15th. It's National Aesthetician Day!

National Cheese Curd Day

National Cheese Curd Day, October 15th, celebrates the velvety goodness of cheese curds.

Department Store Day

On October 16th Department Store Day, we encourage you to consider how department store innovations have impacted shopping in our daily lives.

Global Cat Day

On October 16th, the nation's non-lethal feline services are on display. At a much faster rate than any other shelter animal, cats, and kittens face euthanization. However, services such as trap, neuter, and release (TNR) are enabling cats to live full and healthy lives right in our communities.

Black Poetry Day

On October 17th, Black Poetry Day honors both old and present black poets. The day also commemorates the birth of the first published black poet in the United States. Jupiter Hammon was born in Long Island, New York, on October 17th, 1711.

International Legging Day

Every October 18th, get ready for International Legging Day. Although it's a year-round staple, when temperatures drop in the fall, it's officially legging season.

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

On October 18th, the sweetness of small chocolate cakes is celebrated annually on National Chocolate Cupcake Day. One sweet serving pleases chocolate and cake enthusiasts with a dollop of frosting.

International Gin And Tonic Day

International Gin and Tonic Day, October 19th, honors one of the world's most popular drinks. This basic cocktail takes only minutes to make and is enjoyed around the world.

National Kentucky Day

We recognize each state in the order they entered the union, beginning with Hawaii and ending with Hawaii on Independence Day. We feature a small sample of each state's past, foods, and the people who make up the state. There's so much more to discover; we can't help but celebrate our beautiful country even more.

International Chefs Day

Every year on October 20th, International Chefs Day is celebrated. The day focuses on educating children around the world about eating healthy foods. It's also a day for chefs to pass on their wisdom and skills to the next generation of chefs.

National Brandied Fruit Day

We celebrate National Brandied Fruit Day on October 20th each year on October 20th.

Back To The Future Day

We're going back in time to ride the DeLorean on Back to the Future Day on October 21.

International Nacho Day

People from around the world commemorate International Nacho Day and the delectable, delectable nacho every year on October 21st. For the first time ever, the day also encourages people to try nachos for the first time ever.

International Stuttering Awareness Day

International Stuttering Awareness Day, October 22nd, is a worldwide recognition of this speech fluency disorder.

International Snow Leopard Day

International Snow Leopard Day, October 23rd, honors this endangered species. It's also a day to learn more about the snow leopard and how to protect this elusive creature.

Ipod Day

On October 23rd, the portable music player is recognized for the National iPod Day.

National Bologna Day

People from around the world make a sandwich on October 24th to celebrate National Bologna Day each year. This will be a good day to have a bologna sandwich for lunch.

National Food Day

National Food Day, which takes place annually on October 24th, focuses on healthy and nutritious food.

Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day

On October 25th, Chucky, the Notorious Killer Doll Day, is observed annually.

International Artist's Day

On October 25th, the International Artist's Day honors artists and all the contributions they make. Pablo Picasso, one of the day's most popular artists, is also commemorated. The Spanish artist was born on October 25th, 1881.

National Financial Crime Fighter Day

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) professionals are recognized on National Financial Crime Fighter Day (October 26th). Not all superheroes wear capes, but not all superheroes wear capes. They may wear business suits, dresses, or jeans and work in financial institutions' back offices. These are the individuals who safeguard the United States' financial industry. They include law enforcement officers and other government employees.

National Mincemeat Day

National Mincemeat Day is commemorated in England as a result of a 15th-century English dish combining spiced meat and fruit. On October 26th, bake up a batch!

National American Beer Day

A toast to the rich American beermaking heritage and those that cherish the old traditions is raised on National American Beer Day. Thousands of people are raving over the country's most popular pints include millions of people who love the storied brews.

National Black Cat Day

On National Black Cat Day, don't be superstitious. The beauty of these slim creatures is commemorated on October 27th. The day also aims to raise concerns about black cats' low adoption rates.

International Animation Day

International Animation Day honors the artists, researchers, and technicians behind animated art on October 28th. It's also a day to celebrate all aspects of animation.

National Chocolate Day

On October 28th, National Chocolate Day celebrates one of the world's most popular foods. Although many specific chocolate-related holidays exist throughout the year, National Chocolate Day celebrates all things chocolate.

International Internet Day

On October 29th, what many consider the most important invention in human history, the World Internet Day.

National Cat Day

Today, pay particular attention to your cat. Adopt a new cat. To post on social media, use #NationalCatDay.

National Candy Corn Day

National Candy Corn Day is on October 30th, the country honors its country's favorite vegetable.

Speak Up For Service Day


Girl Scout Founder's Day

Girl Scout founders and all the wonderful things Scouting has done for girls since its inception on October 31st. It honors the birth of Juliet Gordon Low, the founder.

National Caramel Apple Day

On October 31st, the time-honored fall treat of National Caramel Apple Day is commemorated. Many of us remember eating caramel apples or making them with family. It was a special treat whether it was at a fair, carnival, or Halloween party. We've even made them at home. The memory is a good one, no matter where we enjoyed them.