National 7-Eleven Day | July 11
Tue Jul 11th

National 7-eleven Day

On National 7-Eleven Day, one convenience chain celebrates with specials on July 11th. The Slurpee is one of the day's most popular items, conveniently scheduled on 7-11 of each year.


The day is devoted to franchisees. In several flavors, the chain sells discounts and often free Slurpees. The icy cold beverage is a popular summer drink since July is known for its summer heat.

In 1966, the Slurpee debuted. 7-Eleven modified the Knedlik machine that was used to make the Icee and then branded and licensed the frozen drink under the name Slurpee while the machine still existed. Bob Stanford, an advertising executive, gave the sweet, icy drink the name for the sound it makes when it is sucked through a straw.

Brain freeze existed before 7-Eleven was ordered to replace ice cream headache or the more technical cold stimulus headache. Brain freeze was often used as a sport term to describe athletes who failed on the track in 1990. It also extended to the side effects of drugs, particularly if they affected our mental stability. Sports columnists repurposed the word immediately after 7-Eleven allegedly redefined the word, but sports columnists quickly repurposed the word to their advantage. When they made an error, Athletes still had a brain freeze, but the columnists argued that the player must have had a Slurpee before playing.

Brain freeze tips

Of course, a brain freeze is inevitable if you drink a frozen drink too fast. We have a few tips to help you get the day off.

How to celebrate national 7-eleven day on national 7-eleven day

Go to your local 7-Eleven to get a free Slurpee in your choice flavor. #National7ElevenDayDay is a hashtag on social media and includes #National7ElevenDay.

7-eleven day history

In 2002, 7-Eleven first celebrated 7-Eleven Day for the first time. Customers were encouraged to visit their local 7-Eleven to enjoy a free drink as a thank you to the 7-Eleven customers. People could safely "tote 'em" home their groceries, according to the company, which is considered the first convenience store that opened in 1927 under the name of Southland Ice Company with the symbol Totem. The company didn't change its name until 1947, when it grew its hours from 7 AM to 11 p.m.