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Fun and enternaining holidays in January

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Euro Day

Every year on January 1st, Euro Day commemorates the issuance of the European Union's monetary unit. The euro is the euro. This monetary unit is also known as the euro.

International Domain Day

International Public Domain Day, January 1st, commemorates authors who died many years ago and their remaining works in the public domain. People also observe the demise of copyrights and the emergence of new works that have entered the public domain on this day.


Fun and enternaining holidays in February

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National Baked Alaska Day

On February 1st, ice cream and cake were served together in a commemoration named National Baked Alaska Day.

National Dark Chocolate Day

National Dark Chocolate Day, on February 1st, reminds us to indulge a little. Many prefer dark chocolate over white chocolate to be the healthier chocolate. However, for others, it may be an acquired taste.


Fun and enternaining holidays in March

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National Dadgum That's Good Day

National Dadgum That's Good Day ushers in a season of delectable seasonings, baking, and generally good times spent with family and friends on March 1st. Dadgum, That's Good is more than just a Southern word and the name of John McLemore's best-selling cookbook collection. It's the summation of a life's effort in creating delectable food with his world-class Masterbuilt cooking products.

National Fruit Compote Day

Each year, National Fruit Compote Day, a celebration of sweet berries, citrus, and stone fruit delights the senses.


Fun and enternaining holidays in April

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April Fools' Day

Practical jokes and tricks are played on the unaware on April Fools' Day, which has long been a day when practical jokes and tricks are played on the unaware. It's a time when children tell their parents that a bone has broken. Parents are also involved in the planning. Inconvenient locations, caramel covered onions or fake doggy doo-doo are among the Classic April Fools' parodys. Businesses introduce innovative or extraordinary products for the enjoyment of the day, and newspapers publish enthralling headlines that keep readers off guard.

National One Cent Day

What do Benjamin Franklin, the word mind your company, April 1st, and National One Cent Day have in common? The penny is the cent, which we recognize on National One Cent Day. The answer is simple: the penny is the penny.


Fun and enternaining holidays in May

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Global Love Day

Love, they say, is the universal power that binds us all. With such a positive result, it's only right to dedicate an entire day to all the love brings. Global Love Day is just that time.

International Workers' Day

International Workers' Day, which takes place every year in many countries around the world, aims to honor laborers and the working classes. This day is also known as Labour Day or May Day in the United States.


Fun and enternaining holidays in June

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National Go Barefoot Day

On June 1st, you will have the opportunity to kick off your shoes and run barefoot through the cool grass on National Go Barefoot Day. More importantly, it is a day to help a charity that helps millions of underprivileged children around the world get shoes.

National Hazelnut Cake Day

If you're participating in National Hazelnut Cake Day, spend some time in the kitchen baking up a delectable hazelnut cake.


Fun and enternaining holidays in July

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Canada Day

Around the world, Canadian's everywhere celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. Through the Constitution Act on July 1, 1867, three provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada Province) became one country. On February 15th, Canadians honour their flag.

International Joke Day

On July 1st, the International Joke Day falls at the halfway point in the year. The day promotes laughter. What better way to begin the second half of the year than by chuckling and with a smile?


Fun and enternaining holidays in August

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International Childfree Day

Every year on August 1, International Childfree Day takes place. On this day, show your love and respect to those who choose to live a child-free life, respectively.

International Mahjong Day

International Mahjong Day, on August 1st, is hosting a game to get the holiday off! Play your tiles well, and with a win, you may well mark the day's victory.


Fun and enternaining holidays in September

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National Acne Positivity Day

National Acne Positivity Day, September 1st, spreads a message of acceptance and self-love while still displaying our best face forward.

National Burnt Ends Day

Is your appetite for some flavor and sauce? Then National Burnt Ends Day is on September 1st, and it is the BBQ festival!


Fun and enternaining holidays in October

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International Coffee Day

Every year on October 1st, International Coffee Day honors one of the world's most popular beverages. It's also a day to promote fair trade coffee and raise concerns about the coffee growers' plight.

International Raccoon Appreciation Day

Every year on October 1st, International Raccoon Appreciation Day encourages people to learn more about raccoons and show appreciation for them. The day also encourages people to protect the raccoon's natural habitat.


Fun and enternaining holidays in November

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All Saints Day

All Saints Day on November 1st commemorates all the Roman Catholic Church's well-known and unknown saints. All Hallows' Day and the Feast of All Saints are also commemorated on the day.

Autistics Speaking Day

We all see the world in our own unique ways. However, people with autism live in a different way from the majority of us. They live in often new ways. Perhaps one of the most important ways we all connect to and understand the world is through communication. Autistic People On November 1st. Speaking Day in Ottawa encourages autistic people to share their stories in whatever way suits them. Everyone else is encouraged to listen, hear, read, and comprehend their stories from their point of view.


Fun and enternaining holidays in December

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Antarctica Day

Antarctica Day, December 1st, commemorates the Antarctic Treaty's centennial. It's also a day to learn more about this chilly and barren continent.

Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

Every year on December 1st, Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day, Bifocals, encourages you to refrain from blurry images.