Sat Jan 21st

National Hugging Day

National Hug Day, or National Hugging Day, is officially recognized by the United States Copyright Office on January 21st, but it is not a public holiday.

The day is designed to encourage everyone to express more emotion in public. The only way to commemorate the day is by giving a hug to anyone and everyone you like. Although National Hug Day and the Free Hugs Campaign have many similarities, there is no link between the two organizations.

The mental and physical health benefits are the same whether you hug a family member or a stranger. Our sleep is improved from the day we are born, hugs or touch can all help us sleep. Oxytocin is released by hugging, cuddling, and cuddling. This hormone, on its own, provides significant health benefits. Not only does it boosts feel-good hormones, but it also reduces pain. Receiving a hug helps reduce anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart disease. It also reduces anxiety.

How to celebrate #nationalhuggingday

Give someone a big hug. Or, if you need one, ask for a hug and reap the benefits. You can also give a mental hug. Let someone know you care by giving them warm, cheerful words of encouragement to those in your circle. Boost their happiness by letting them know how much they mean to you with a verbal hug before they give them the real one.

To post on social media, use #NationalHuggingDay.

History of national hugging day has a long tradition

Rev. Kevin Zaborney established the holiday in Caro, Michigan, on March 29, 1986.