Fri Jan 20th

National Buttercrunch Day

On January 20th, the delectable toffee candy that comes in many forms is commemorated on National Buttercrunch Day.

Buttercrunch is a toffee crumbled with chocolate, coated with chocolate. It has a crunchy texture and a caramel flavor. The dish's toasted almond sprinkles are among the variations on the dish.

When is National English Toffee Day?

Making buttercrunch calls for a reliable candy thermometer and some cooking experience. For a fruitful result, making the toffee requires precision, timing, and the right equipment and safety techniques. Follow recipes closely. When you remove the sugar from the heat, the stage the sugar is supposed to reach (usually the hard-crack stage) will determine when you remove the sugar from the heat. You'll also have to move quickly and safely. Sugar burns at 300 degrees F + cause blisters and scars.

The results are delectable and definitely worth sharing when you've mastered candy-making skills. Buttercrunch and other candy treats make excellent gifts for the holidays and throughout the year. It also stores well for a time. Make it to serve over ice cream or as a garnish to cakes and cookies.

How to celebrate #nationalbuttercrunchday

Make up some buttercrunch to share with your friends and family on January 20th. Sprinkle some over your favorite desserts or opt for a buttercrunch-flavored creamer for your morning coffee. Mmm! You can now taste it! We bet you can try it now! We even have a buttercrunch dish for you to try. Who makes your favorite buttercrunch? Who makes your favorite buttercrunch?

Buttercrunch recipe

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Buttercrunch FAQ

Q. Is there any buttercrunch candies topped with chocolate?

A. Yes. Yes. Chocolate is an excellent topping for buttercrunch.

Q. Does buttercrunch contain butter?

A. Most recipes call for butter. Some prefer margarine, while others call for margarine. In either case, buttercrunch gains its buttery flavor from its buttery flavor.