WORLD QUARK DAY – January 19
Thu Jan 19th

World Quark Day

World Quark Day officially honors quark and its numerous benefits on January 19th. Quark is a European superfood staking its place on supermarket shelves around the world. Quark is a delectable, low-fat alternative to soft cheese and yogurt that can be used for baking, baking, and mixing.

When using quark, there are no limits. If the menu calls for sweet or savory, hot or cold, hot or cold, quark cheese works well in place of almost every dairy. For example, try cream cheese or sour cream with quark. Enter the world of healthy, low-carb, low-fat culinary delights by substituting with quark. Use quark in smoothies, cheesecakes, dips, and spreads. Quark's versatility may surprise you.

Learn more about quark's many uses as a home remedy and beauty care product. Millions of Europeans have benefited from using quark for centuries.

How to celebrate #worldquarkday

  • World Quark Day encourages you to incorporate quark into your meals. Try it in breakfasts and smoothies to low-carb lunches, delectable dinners, and guilt-free desserts
  • Become familiar with the numerous ways to use quark. If you do, you will be supporting good health. Try one of the hundreds of recipes and remedies that promote a healthy, natural lifestyle
  • Share your quark experiences. If you're enjoying it while traveling or you're eating it at home, please share your personal experience with other quark enthusiasts. Learn from others how to #quarkupyourlife. Spread the word and wisdom of healthy eating and living by posting #WorldQuarkDay and #quarkupyourlife on social media

History of the world quark day has a rich history

In 2019, Queen Quark, a health foodie and author who was born in beautiful Bavaria, Germany, celebrated World Quark Day.

Quark FAQ

Q. Is quark a dairy product?

A. Yes. Yes. Quark is made from milk by adding lactic acid to cause the curd to separate from the whey. The solids are then used to make quark.

Q. How many calories are in quark?

A. One cup of 4% plain quark has 120 calories.

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