Wed Jan 18th

National Peking Duck Day

On January 18th, the national dish of China is recognized on National Peking Duck Day.

This dish is considered a delicacy due to its intricate preparation and strong flavors. Peking Duck's roots are rooted in tradition that chefs have perfected for thousands of years, dating back to Kublai Khan's establishment in the Yuan Dynasty.

For this dish, Chefs prefer the White Beijing duck. However, in the United States, the preference is for the Pekin duck. They are raised for 65 days before being rushed to slaughter. Chefs pluck the duck and pump it full of air between the skin and the meat, first. The meat is then dipped in boiling water, skewered, and hanged to dry. The duck is coated with a sugar coating and left for 24 hours while drying. This whole process contributes to the skin's crispness.

The duck is then roasted hanging from the center of the oven to drip, allowing the fat to drip, basting the skin as it does. The Peking duck is often sliced artfully by the chef before the diners, when presented. A Peking duck dish is traditionally served in three portions, with the crispy skin that diners dip into sugar. The next course is composed of thin pancakes stuffed with tender duck meat, hoisin and bean sauces, as well as cucumbers, onions, and garlic, as shown by the skin. The final dish is a duck soup or broth.

How to celebrate #nationalpekingduckday

Make Peking duck or dine out, or dine out, celebrate the day! Peking is also available in A Christmas Story for a portion of Peking. How will you celebrate? How will you celebrate? To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalPekingDuckDay.

History of national peking duck day has spanned history

Although we've never had Peking Duck, we've also not identified the origins of this food holiday. However, we do agree that it's a refreshingly delicious way to celebrate!

Peking duck FAQ

Q. How long does it take to make Peking duck?

A. It takes at least 48 hours to complete Peking duck from start to finish. The dish calls for a complicated process that results in the dish's crispy skin and tender, flavorful meat.

Q. What are Peking duck's three traditional servings?

A. Traditionally, chefs serve Peking duck in three dishes. The first is the skin, which guests dip into sugar. The tender duck meat will be served inside thin pancakes at Then, by the chef. With this dish, a variety of sauces are available. A duck soup or broth is then served.

Q. Why is Peking duck inflated?

A. The skin of the duck is inflated so that the fat can be extracted from both sides of the skin. The duck meat is also bastes the fat, which is also bastes the fat.

What gives Peking duck its rich, dark color? Q. What gives it Peking duck's rich, dark color? The rich, dark color of the duck is due to A. Maltose syrup poured over it.