Mon Jan 16th

National Without A Scalpel Day

Each year on National Without a Scalpel Day, January 16th, recognizes the ability to treat disease without a scalpel. The first angioplasty was performed on this day in 1964 by pioneering physician Charles Dotter. In Portland, Oregon, the ground-breaking operation to open a blocked blood vessel took place. Not only did the angioplasty save the patient from leg amputation surgery, but she left the hospital days later with only a Band-Aid.

No stitches, no scars, no scars... No surgery, no stitches, no scars...

Dr. Dotter developed Interventional Radiology, a cutting-edge medical field in which doctors treat disease by a tiny pinhole rather than open surgery. These doctors use x-rays and other medical imaging to get inside the body when they treat disease. These advancements in medicine have changed the course of medicine.

Both adults and children can be treated with minimally invasive, image-guided procedures (MIIP) today, treating a variety of disorders throughout the body, both adults and children.

  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • aneurysms
  • Life-threatening bleeding is causing life-threatening bleeding
  • infertility
  • fibroids
  • kidney stones
  • back pain
  • infections
  • Blockaded blood vessels have been blocked blood vessels in the United States, which have blocked blood vessels
  • Several other conditions are also present in many other situations

Despite the fact that trained specialists administer MIIP around the world, many people are unaware of MIIP or if they could benefit from these life-changing therapies. The MIIP campaign was launched in order to raise concerns and educate the public about MIIP. The Interventional Initiative was established to raise concerns and educate the public about MIIP.

The Interventional Initiative just completed the pilot episode of the documentary series Without a Scalpel, which will be broadcast on a national network in 2016. Without a Scalpel is a real patient tale and their physicians who treat them with life-changing MIIP.

How to celebrate #withoutascalpelday is a mystery

Take some time to learn more about MIIP and then share this helpful, life-saving information with someone you love. #WithoutAScalpelDay is a hashtag on social media used by the Post on social media.

Without a scalpel day celebration, there has never been a national without a scalpel day in history

In 2015, the Interventional Initiative submitted National Without a Scalpel Day, according to the Intercultural Initiative. or follow @interventional2 on Twitter if you or someone you know could benefit from MIIP.