Sun Jan 15th

National Hat Day

On National Hat Day, hang on to your hats and celebrate in style. On January 15th, the yearly event, whether you're a fan of fedora, cap, cloche, derby, or sunhat, is celebrated. Dig out your ceremonial best and tell the tale behind it. Wear your warmest tuque, stocking cap, beanie, and beanie, and then share the name you give it. There are so many hats, styles, and names we give them. We should certainly wear a hat a day and never get through them all.

We wear hats for a variety of reasons. Many hats shield us from elements or harm. Some were worn for ceremonial or religious reasons. Some hats make us look good or cover up what we don't like or not. We've given our hats a lot of meaning over the centuries.

  • Hats indicated social status in the Middle Ages
  • Hats can denote one's nationality, branch of service, rank, and/or regiment in the military
  • One of the first pictorials of a hat is depicted in a tomb painting in A Thebes. The painting depicts a man wearing a conical straw hat
  • In the late 16th century, women's hats were first worn
  • Millinery is the hat designing and manufacturing of hats
  • The city of Milan, Italy, is where the word "milliner" comes from. In Milan in the 18th century, the best quality hats were made
  • Millinery traditionally began as a woman's occupation as the milliner invented hats and bonnets and picked lace, trim, and accessories to complete any outfit
  • Women began to wear smaller hats hugging their heads in the mid-1920s, to replace the bonnets and wide-brimmed hats

If you are outside of a freezing January, you will definitely want to wear a hat on National Hat Day, depending on where you live.

How to celebrate #nationalhatday

On National Hat Day, wear your favorite hat on National Hat Day. Celebrate an era or an occupation. Learn the history of a particular hat or try making a paper hat.

To post on social media, be sure to wear a hat and use #NationalHatDay.

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National hat day celebrations have a long tradition in national hat day traditions

National Hat Day has been observed in libraries, schools, and museums since at least 1983, when schools, libraries, and museums have celebrated National Hat Day. They encouraged students and patrons to wear their favorite hats or hats of their occupation. People of all ages and genders turn up in pirate hats and football helmets. Patrol officers, postal employees, and restaurant servicers also wear their hats to various functions. That date also commemorates the day in 1797, when the first top hat made its appearance in court in 1797. The judge said the tall hat, rather prominent hat, offended the public, and was created by haberdasher John Hetherington.

Hats FAQ

Q. When did hats become less popular?

A. Men and women wore hats before the 1950s as much for a fashion statement as well as warmth and comfort. However, there are several potential reasons that faded the hat fad, including: However, several possible reasons that could have stifled the hat fad.

  • Heating systems became more cost-effective and effective by eliminating the need for a hat indoors
  • During World War II, hats were part of several regiments, including the military. When service members returned home, they took the uniform with them
  • Transportation – Most people rode public transportation or walked before affordable transportation and smooth roads crossed the country. Hats were also reduced headroom as a result of the automobile's increasing success
  • hats were mainly for women, and fancy hairstyles were on display in hairstyles
  • President John F. Kennedy, one of the few public figures to start a long trend, was Hatless public figures. – President John F. Kennedy, one notable figure who may have started a long trend