Sat Jan 14th

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

On January 14th, National Dress Up Your Pet Day will celebrate with your pet and showcase their fashion style. Pets do become a member of one's family. Be sure your pet companion is safe and comfortable whether you go to the groomer or dress up in matching outfits.

How to celebrate #nationaldressupyourday

dress your pets up The day's name tells you how to celebrate it; the day's name shows you how to celebrate it; dress your pets up. Keep your pet's wellbeing first and foremost. Our dog companion's appearance is always improved after a trip to the groomer for a little polish and trim. To showcase the new do, get a snazzy bandana, bow, or collar. How about a jacket for chilly, long walks? If the tutu is too much, too much, your pooch will let you know. Be sure to post your favorite pet photos with us. We love to see how you #CelebrateEveryDay. We love to see how you #CelebrateEveryDay. To post on social media, use the hashtag #DressUpYourPetDay.

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