World Logic Day - January 14
Sat Jan 14th

World Logic Day

World Logic Day, every year, brings logic's rich past and practical implications of logic to interdisciplinary science communities' attention. The day also commemorates the belief that reasoning, not reasoning, is a fundamental feature of human beings.

Logic is defined as the study of correct reasoning's principles. Logic was once a philosophical term. Logic has existed in many fields for years, including math and computer science, for example.

Logic can be divided into four general categories, including: There are four specific types of logic, which include:

  • During personal conversations with others, Informal logic: used in everyday reasoning and arguments
  • Formal logic: used in deductive reasoning with premises that are true
  • Symbolic logic: used to demonstrate how symbols relate to each other in a symbolic manner
  • Mathematical logic: used to introduce formal logic to mathematical logic

For several reasons, people around the world celebrate logic. Doing so promotes the growth of logical research. Logic can be used to enhance interactions between people interested in logic. Spreading logic helps to improve interactions between people that have an interest in logic. Also, logic based on education and science advancements promotes a culture of peace, dialogue, and mutual understanding.

How to celebrate #worldlogicday

On this day, universities, research institutes of philosophy, and other organizations around the world host events. Workshops, seminars, and lectures are among the programs that have been held. To participate: To participate: To participate: To participate: You must register:

  • Learn more about the various types of logic and their importance in the modern world
  • A Guide to Good Thinking, a Guide to Logical Thinking, and A Rulebook for Arguments A Rulebook for Arguments, Critique of Pure Reason, and A Guide to Logical Thinking are all examples of logic and reasoning
  • Critical thinking and logical analysis are two primary objectives of a philosophy class that emphasizes critical thinking and logical reasoning

#WorldLogicDay is a worldwide recognition campaign that has spread word about this day on social media with #WorldLogicDay. #WorldLogicDay is a hashtag that has been used on social media to raise concerns for this day.

History is a product of world logic day

On January 14th, 2019, the Logica Universalis Association urged logicians around the world to co-ordinate independent activities. The logician group stepped up and hosted about 66 events in 33 different countries. The UNESCO Executive Board suggested a proclamation for this day in the summer of 2019. Thanks to this first World Logic Day's success, the UNESCO Executive Board suggested a proclamation for this day. The 40th General Conference declared January 14th to be World Logic Day on November 26, 2019.

Each year, the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH) coordinates the conference.