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National Peach Melba Day

National Peach Melba Day, another dessert brought to us by a globally famous chef, is a refreshing celebration that takes place on January 13th each year.

Depending on the source, French chef Auguste Escoffier created the sophisticated dessert in 1892 or 1893. When working at the Savoy Hotel, London, he created the dessert with peaches, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce. Nellie Melba, an Australian soprano, was honoured in the dessert. The chef was known for naming his creations after famous people. National Melba Toast Day is March 23rd, three such dishes are commemorated on the calendar, including National Melba Toast Day on March 23rd.

Hellen Porter Mitchell was born in Nellie Melba. Melba was a stage name she adopted in honor of her hometown of Melbourne. Her success as an opera singer brought her on tour around the world. In 1927, she received the title of Dame Grand Cross of the British Empire.

Chef Escoffier's original name, "Pecheau Cygne" or "Peach Swan," was presented as a swan-shaped ice sculpture and topped with spun sugar, and Chef Escoffier originally called the dessert "Pecheau Cygne" or "Peach Swan" and presented it in a swan-shaped ice sculpture and topped with spun sugar.

How to celebrate #peachmelbaday

When you make a Peach Melba, listen to Nellie Melba. We've included a recipe for you to try, too!

Chef John's Peach Melba Dishonest John's Peach Melba Recipe Chef John's Peach Melba Recipe.

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Peach melba FAQ

Who will celebrate National Peach Melba Day? Q. Who can celebrate National Peach Melba Day?

A. This day is for those who adore peaches and delectable desserts.

Is Peach Melba a sort of sundae?

A. Yes. Yes. Peach Melba fits the definition of a sundae.

Q. Where is the Savoy Hotel located?

A. The Savoy Hotel is located in London, United Kingdom.