Wed Jan 11th

National Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day

Particular criteria must be present on National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day to commemorate. If the optimal conditions prevail, several areas of the country may have to produce them on January 11th. So, can we really? Well, yes, the day's calendar says you can! Life is short, so let's have fun! And good luck.

If you're feeling mischievous (in a good way), join in on the celebration that all kids will love and all the young-at-heart adults will adore just the same. Put on your boots, raincoats, slickers, and grab some rubber duckies, too. Skip along the way. Splashing in puddles can be a great way to relieve anxiety. There is no right or wrong way to splashing or stepping in a puddle. No matter how you do it, we're going to get wet and probably a little dirty. So let's have a blast.

Now, if you live in a more frozen area of the country, we encourage you to find alternative ways to celebrate. We're sure you'll be innovative and safe.

How to celebrate #stepinapuddleandsplashyourfriendsday on a daily basis

On National Step in A Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day, invite your besties to join you for a fun-filled time when you weren't worried about getting your feet wet. Dance and splash in the puddles! Check out this great video describing the joy of splashing in puddles by Sing some splashing in puddles.

To post on social media, use the hashtag #StepInAPuddleAndSplashYourFriendsDay hashtag.

Puddle FAQ

Q. What should I wear to splash in a puddle? For puddle splashing, A. Galoshes are the best footwear for puddle splashing. Water-proof boots that rise above the shin help to shield your feet from a good soak.

Q. Who should celebrate this day?

A. If only for a few minutes, anyone who wants to feel like a child once more.

Q. Where can I find the best puddles?

A. After a lot of rain, the best puddles appear. They appear in low spots on trails and paths. They may be found in a park or in your driveway. Don't go splashing in puddles discovered in the middle of a street, whatever you do.