International Choreographers Day - January 9
Mon Jan 9th

International Choreographers Day

International Choreographers Day, January 9th, honors choreographers past and present. It's also a day to show our appreciation to choreographers for keeping dance alive in our hearts.

Have you ever watched a Super Bowl halftime show? What about a music video with dancers in it? If so, you have seen the work of a choreographer. These professionals plan dance routines used in various forms of performances.

The word choreography refers to "dance-writing." In the 1950s, the word first appeared in the dictionary for the first time. Despite not being a formal word until the 1950s, choreography's history goes back to the 15th century. This is when dance masters taught steps to Italians who belonged to the noble class. The court will then entertain others by participating in performances. Ballet was used in the majority of these performances. These choreographed ballet performances became extremely popular in Italy and France.

However, modern choreographers in the twentieth century did not like ballet, and modern choreographers in the twentieth century did not like ballet. Rather, these choreographers preferred modern dance. Choreographers today embrace many forms of dance, including contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, ballroom, tap, and folk dance.

Today's choreographers plan routines for the following fields in addition to being involved in every facet of dance.

  • Musical theater
  • Opera
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics
  • Marching bands
  • Synchronized swimming at Synchronized swimming. Synchronized swimming was not allowed in Synchronized swimming
  • Show choir
  • Figure skating

George Balanchine, Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, Bob Fosse, and Katherine Dunham are among the most well-known choreographers in history. Without mentioning Fred Astaire, no list of choreographers would be complete, however, without mentioning Fred Astaire. He deserves praise for transforming the way choreography is integrated into a film's plot. Astaire's remarkable choreography career spanned more than 76 years.

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Dancers, dance companies, designers, producers, and others pay their respects to choreographers around the world on this day. To participate: To participate: To participate: To participate: You must register:

  • When watching a performance of any kind, pay close attention to the choreography
  • Learn more about the history of choreography and its influence on our culture
  • Read about other well-known choreographers, including Twyla Tharp, Shane Sparks, and Paula Abdul
  • Get together with your family members and choreograph a routine
  • Watch clips of famous choreographed dance routines like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" or Madonna's "Vogue" below

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