Sun Jan 8th

National Joygerm Day

People around the country are reminded every year by being positive and treating others with kindness, they can influence others around them and pass the positive attitude on to others. National JoyGerm Day is celebrated on January 8th. When we post positive moods, we influence people around us, and those people become infected with the same positive joy and spread it to others.

Laugh, smile, be generous, inspire, and pass the one form of germ that is easy for everyone to catch.

How to celebrate #nationaljoygermday

National JoyGerm Day is one of those days you've been waiting for. In everything you do, January 8th gives you the opportunity to infuse joy in everything you do.

  • Plan to wake up with a positive mood the night before. Use your favorite jazzy, snazzy wake-up music to start your day right and remind you what day it is
  • Set out to bring your joy with you and spread it around like a glitter bomb that won't go away. Smile, say "Hello" to everyone you see and talk to
  • Enerergency is usually the one who does the job. If it's making copies, errands, throwing out the garbage, or making phone calls, be the person with a smile
  • 7 Ways to Be an Angel in Someone's Life gives you more great tips for being an Angel in someone's Life

See how often you can spread the JoyGerm throughout the day!

To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalJoygermDay.

National joygerm day is the longest in history

National JoyGerm Day was founded in 1981 by a rather joyful and exuberant woman, Joan White, and, eventually, the pure joy of its founder.