World Typing Day - January 8
Sun Jan 8th

World Typing Day

Every year on January 8th, World Typing Day celebrates this written form of communication that guarantees speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. Typists can also enter typing competitions on a day for typists.

The Typewriter's Past The Typewriter's History is a tale of the typewriter.

Since Christopher Latham Sholes invented one in 1868, typewriting machines have existed for as long as Christopher Latham Sholes invented one. Sholes, a printer and journalist from Wisconsin, was a printer and journalist from Wisconsin. The typewriter has had the QWERTY keyboard layout for almost every since its inception. The order of the first six keys on the keyboard's top left portion of the keyboard is QWERTY.

Many well-known writers in the late 1800s used the typewriter to write their manuscripts. Ian Fleming, Ernest Hemingway, and Mark Twain are among these writers' writers' books. It wasn't just writers who used these handy little computers. The typewriter was discovered by Office workers as an indispensable tool for writing and communication. Typewriters became less cumbersome, lighter, and simpler to use over the years. A typist's speed and accuracy were enhanced by improvements to the typewriter.

IBM invented the first commercial typewriter in 1935. IBM made further strides on the typewriter in 1964 by introducing the first word processor. Computers began to replace typewriters in the 1980s. However, typing skills were, and continue to be, useful for writing and working on the computer.

Typing speed

Some people can type very quickly. In fact, the fastest typist in the world typed 216 words per minute, which was wpm! The average typing speed is 41 wpm. Even though girls are getting more proficient at typing, boys are actually faster typists. Boys type 44 wpm on average, while girls type 37 wpm. However, typing isn't the only thing when it comes to typing. Accuracy is also important. For every 100 words they type, the average typist makes 8 mistakes. This is a confidence rating of 92%. Professional typists aim for a 97 percent accuracy rating.

How to celebrate #worldtypingday

On this day, typing competitions are being held in many schools and businesses around the world. To participate: To participate: To participate: To participate: You must register:

  • To determine your speed and accuracy, use an online typing test
  • If you don't know how to type, enroll a keyboarding class, or teach yourself, you can't know how to type
  • If typing is not taught in your child's kindergarten, teach them how to type
  • In some way, thank someone whose typing skills have aided you
  • Watch a movie that uses typing, such as The Post or The Darkest Hour

#WorldTypingDay is a worldwide broadcasting day that promotes this day on social media. #WorldTypingDay is a hashtag that has spread word for this day on social media.

History of the world typing day has long been documented

In Malaysia in 2011, the World Typing Day began in 2011. The day commemorates the Malaysian Speed Typing Competition, which took place in 2011. In the Malaysian Book of Records, two typing records were broken during the competition (MBR). The day is co-organized by the Speed Typing Contest Team from Junior Chamber International (JCI) and Team Typo Auto Corrector.