Sun Jan 8th

National Career Coach Day

Each year on January 8, we celebrate National Career Coach Day and recognize the vital work of career coaches around the country.


Today, we bring attention to the effect that career coaches have on their clients' career paths and future prospects. Not only are career coaches assisting others in finding fulfilling careers they desire, but they are also assisting others in finding fulfilling careers that are deserved. We bring comradery to the field, give coaches a day to come together, and create a space to honor all of the accomplishments made during the process on National Career Coach Day.

Career coaches are experts who are up-to-date on current career and recruiting practices, create compelling resumes, teach interview and wage negotiation skills, and assist you in achieving your career aspirations

Why does a career coach help you understand your potential by learning about your past experiences and leading you on a happier life. People work with a career coach for a variety of reasons, but some people choose to work with a career coach to help you understand your potential

If you're looking for a career coach, consider a career coach

  • Determine what kind of career coach you want to recruit. Some career coaches specialize in particular areas, as with any other occupation. Make sure your decision is the right one for you
  • Before hiring a career coach, Narrow down the services you will need before hiring a career coach. This saves you from paying for unnecessary services
  • Interview career consultants will help you determine if they are a good match for you. When working together, personality plays a significant role. Choose someone that you "click" with and will give you the best value
  • Check references for your career coach to see if they're credible. Verify's education, accreditation, and clients are among Verify's valued services

A career coach can help you understand the benefits of a career coach's work

Career coaches are in high demand in today's corporate world. In fact, the career coaching profession is on the rise at a rapid rate and is quickly approaching a $20 million dollar industry. Career coaching is now affordable to everyone, previously thought of as a luxury benefit for the wealthy.

The career coach industry has also branched into the company sector. For a variety of programs, such as:: Career coaches full time, employers are now employing career coaches full time.

  • Reviewing applications for specific job skills for potential employees
  • Preparing correspondence and inquiries for employers
  • To increase productivity, working with current employees can be a benefit
  • Improving and updating personal goals company-wide
  • Encouraging and inciting employees to maintain morale, employees are encouraged to keep moral high

Coaches with disabilities are among the career coaches who work with coaches

  • Host, a career coach, speaks at a career coach summit
  • Prospective clients may need free information or tools
  • Make referrals to a career coach who has helped you
  • Become a career coach
  • Send a thank you letter to your career coach, thanking them for assisting you in finding your dream career
  • Support your career coach by sharing their information with friends and families
  • On social media, recognize and share your observations with a career coach, as well as the hashtag #NationalCareerCoachDay

Dream big

Angie has always been told she had a gift for seeing others' strengths, and after making career choices that resulted in professional recognition and fulfillment, she set out on a quest to do the same for others. She also has a gift for assisting people in overcoming career transition, overcome career burnout, achieve a degree, and navigate the ever-changing world of job searching. Angie is helping people find new careers, enhance leadership skills, move into leadership, and even start businesses by herself.

It's possible to fulfill your aspirations and develop your career path that supports your personal and professional aspirations. One client at a time, and the sky is the limit, and we're #inspiringconfidentprofessionals one client at a time.