Tue Dec 26th

National Candy Cane Day

Candy enthusiasts will be able to celebrate the red and white striped candies that are popular during the holidays on December 26th.

A recipe for a straight peppermint candy stick, which was white with colored stripes, was published in 1844. However, some reports point to all-white candy sticks from much earlier times. Folklore informs of the candy cane's origins but there is no concrete evidence of its real beginning. Literature begins referring to the candy cane in 1866, and it was first reported in connection with Christmas in 1874. Candy canes have been hanging on Christmas trees as early as 1882.

Fun candy cane facts: Fun candy cane facts:

  • The average candy cane is 5 inches tall
  • Although most candy canes are not sugar or calorie-free, they do not contain any fat or cholesterol
  • Striped red and white candy canes were first introduced in 1900
  • Brasher O. Westerfield invented the first machine to make candy canes in 1921. They were made by hand until then
  • The candy cane was distributed to the masses by Bob McCormack and his brother-in-law & priest Gregory Keller. When Keller invented the machine that made Bob's Candies go big time, what started out as candy-making for McCormack's friends and family became mass production
  • Peppermint is traditionally the candy canes' flavor, but there are a variety of flavors
  • Alain Roby, a Geneva pastry chef, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest candy cane, measuring 51 feet long

How to celebrate #nationalcandycaneday

Do you have candy cane traditions? Choose one from your stocking or pluck one from the tree. Share a candy cane with your sweetheart, neighbor, or child in your household. However you celebrate, be sure to use #NationalCaneDay when posting on social media.

Candy cane FAQ

Q. How many calories are in a candy cane?

A. Two servings of a 6-inch candy cane contain approximately 50-60 calories per serving.

Q. What kind of flavors do candy canes come in?

A. Candy manufacturers produce a variety of candy cane flavors. Cherry, sour apple, blueberry, watermelon, or orange are among the most popular ones. However, some brands take their flavor preferences a step farther. How does pickle, bacon, mac and cheese, or rootbeer flavored candy canes look to you?