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National Pfeffernusse Day

National Pfeffernuse Day, a German spice cookie, is reserved for December 23rd. Pfeffernüsse are fluffy cookies made with ground nuts and spices and coated in powdered sugar, making them very popular around the holidays.

Many bakers have developed their own pfeffernüsse recipes over time. Traditional methods used almonds and walnuts. Some modern recipes call out nuts entirely along with the black pepper, leaving only cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and cardamom as flavorings. Bakers also sweeten the cookie with molasses and honey.

How to celebrate #nationalpfeffernusseday

Start baking by taking out your new pfeffernüsse dish and starting baking. For several of you, this is one holiday tradition that will bring back memories. Not only will you be able to enjoy the delectable spicy-sweet cookies, but you will also pass on the family's tradition to another generation. Once you have a stack of them baked and cooled, package them up as sweet gifts for loved ones. They will love the cookies and your thoughtfulness.

We even have a few recipes for you to try.

Cookies from Allrecipes are Pfeffernusse cookies. Pfeffernus Pepper Nut Cookies are a German Pfeffernus Pepper Nut Cookies.

Do you have recipes to share? Do you have recipes to share? To post on social media, be sure to use #NationalPfeffernusseDay.

Pfeffernüsse FAQ

What does 'pfeffernüsse' mean? Q. What does 'pfeffernüsse' imply?

A. The word pfeffernüsse comes from German and means "peppernut."

Q. Is gingerbread and pfeffernüsse the same?

Both spicy cookies, A. Gingerbread and Pfeffernusse are made differently, but they are not made the same. Where gingerbread is a sturdier cookie, pfeffernüsse are softer. In addition, pepper is included in the ingredients, making pfeffernüsse true to its name.

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