MUDD DAY – December 20
Wed Dec 20th

Mudd Day

Dr. Samuel Muddd's birthday is annually observed on December 20th, a man whose name was mud after his dealings with one man.

John Wilkes Booth rode with co-conspirator David Herold to Dr. Samuel Mudd's house in the early hours of the 15th before heading into Virginia after assassinating Lincoln on April 14, 1865. Both men were able to stay the night after Mudddd performed surgery on Booth's fractured leg. Mudd must have learned of the assassination at some point. However, he did not announce Booth's visit to the authorities for another 24 hours. This delay seemed to connect him to the murder, as did his numerous interpretations of the tale under interrogation. Muddd was arrested by police on April 26th. Mudd was sentenced to life in prison for assisting and plotting in a murder. He was able to escape the death penalty by a single vote.

President Andrew Johnson pardoned Muddd, and he was released from jail in 1869. Mudd's conviction has never been reversed, despite repeated attempts by family members and others, and no one has ever been deposed, and no one has ever been deposed, nor has his name been erased.

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Since his sentencing, Dr. Mudd's name has given the phrase "your name is mud" a whole new meaning, he has been pulled through the mud. However, the word existed long before Samuel Mudd and the events of 1865, according to historians. It was exactly what it means today, too. Is it appropriate to use the word? If so, do you use the term? On social media, use #MuddDay to post.

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Mudd FAQ

Does Dr. Mudd's house still exist? Q. Does Dr. Mudd's house exist?

A. Yes. Yes. Dr. Samuel Muddd's home remains intact, and has been turned into a museum describing his place in history.

Q. Does Ford's Theatre still exist? After President Abraham Lincoln's assassination in 1865, A. Ford's Theatre closed. However, it reopened 103 years ago. It acts as both a historic site and a live theatre.

Q. What other historic sites preserve Lincoln's assassination's past? For an up-close and personal glimpse of Lincoln's assassination, visit these museums: A. Lincoln's assassination site: Visit these museums for an up-close and personal view of the assassination of Lincoln.

  • Fort McNair in Washington, D.C., is a museum dedicated to the United Nations Air Force
  • In Washington, D.C., Petersen House in Washington, D.C., is located in Washington, D.C
  • Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield, Illinois, Illinois, Lincoln's Tomb
  • Mary Surratt's house in Clinton, Maryland, is located in Mary Surratt's house