CAT HERDERS DAY – December 15
Fri Dec 15th

Cat Herders Day

On December 15th, Catherders Day honors those whose life or work is like herding cats.

They look adorable, adorable, and innocent. How much trouble can they cause? Is it difficult to think about our lives or our careers? errant kitties get away No matter how well-organised we try to be, errant kitties get away. While we are focusing on bringing three or four tasks into order, another spills the milk or creates an avalanche of problems. Chaos ensues before we know it.

We can imagine a demanding career or one that is impossible to keep "like herding cats" in the work world. That may include: Jobs that might fit the description.

  • Dog washer
  • Maid of Honor to a bridezilla is a Maid of Honor to a bridezilla
  • Bobby Knight's basketball player is a basketball player for Bobby Knights. A basketball player for Bobby Knights
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Specialists in Airplane repo are a speciality, according to an Airplane repo specialist
  • Shridhar Chillal's Manicurist, the world record holder for the world's longest nails, is the world record holder for the world's longest nails

How to celebrate #catherdersday

So many jobs can be like herding cats. Do you know anyone who works in a similar fashion? Give them a shout-out. If you have a job that resembles herding cats, join us on social media using the hashtag #CatHerdersDay hashtag to post on social media.

History of cat herders day has a long tradition

Thomas and Ruth Roy of created Cat Herders Day.