Thu Dec 14th

National Bouillabaisse Day

On December 14th, seafood enthusiasts everywhere will celebrate National Bouillabaisse Day. This hearty fish stew hits the spot on a cold winter's day, as well.

The French are well-known for many popular dishes. Their food inspires visitors to France for a glimpse of authentic dishes. When visiting France, Bouillabaisse ranks tops the list of must-have cuisines. The delectable stew originated in Marseille, France's port city. It is traditionally made from bony rockfish, saffron, fennel seed, and orange zest.

However, strong opinions about the right ingredients for an authentic bouillabaisse are bouncing around in the culinary world. The type of fish was mentioned in those reports. Typically, cooks use red rascasse, sea robin, or European conger. They also debate whether wine (red or white) is best. Both topics are hotly debated. They also disagree about the soup's origins. Did a Greek goddess make the stew? Did a Greek goddess make the dish? Is the credit due to coastal fishermen who threw the ingredients together from unsold bony rockfish? Possibly these tense discussions add a little bit of flavor to the stew, as well. Your guess is as good as ours.

Nonetheless, cooks make their first step to a delectable bouillabaisse using a variety of fresh fish. If you can't get to the south of France to order it made for you, it's especially important.