Thu Dec 14th

National Alabama Day

National Alabama Day honors the Heart of Dixie on December 14th.

Visitors from far and wide are drawn from far and wide as Alabama, the 22nd state to join the union, has played pivotal roles in U.S. history, scientific advancements, and its stunning landscapes.

Alabama is a state of Alabama. Along the Gulf Coast, Alabama enjoys 60 miles of shoreline. Although the coastal area is dotted with swamps and bayous, it also has stunning sandy beaches. The Black Belt's fertile soils are found in the lowlands, which have long yielded productive cotton crops. Move northward from the coast and the lowlands provide the fertile soils of the Black Belt. The Appalachians' forested hills and valleys dominate the northern half of the state.

Montgomery, Alabama's small town, was the site for the secessionist government as the Confederacy's original capital until May of 1861 during the American Civil War. Nearly 100 years ago, the Civil Rights Movement will find a home and erupt across the state marching its vision to the rest of the nation.

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George Washington Carver, who was wreaking havoc on cotton crops, gave the possibility for successful planting and harvesting of a legume that is still popular not only in the south but also around the United States. The peanut introduced new farming techniques and agricultural stability to a struggling southern market.

Alabama is another state that continues to look to the skies. The 332nd Fighter Group, the first African American military aviators, the science team that put man on the moon, and the first African American woman in space, is the first African American woman in space.

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