Pick a Pathologist Pal Day – December 13
Wed Dec 13th

Pick A Pathologist Day

Since we never know what tomorrow holds, we suggest we make friends with a pathologist or coroner on December 13th.

Although life is short, making friends with a pathologist or coroner can change our outlook on life. Despite life's challenges, the majority of us have risen to them. A pathologist and coroner see some of the ills that can befall us. If they can be jovial, then rest assured, living life to our fullest while we can may be the deciding factor.

We're often told that being positive is all in our attitude. However, a positive attitude may be more beneficial for some people than for others. Although we can't influence external forces, we can control how we react to them. Our responses make the difference – or no difference at all.

Looking for positive things around you is another key to being positive. Positive influences in our lives are often overlooked. Bring those people closer to you. To bring more balance, while you're at it, reduce or lessen the negative influences in your life.

When checking in with your pathologist pal or coroner, too, keep practicing the positive vibe. Their humor makes life interesting, and we don't want to ban anything funny from our lives.

If you find the right pathologist or coroner who brings joy to your life, please share them. Some people need all the positive influences in their lives that they can possibly get.

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Make friends with a pathologist or a coroner. Then tells us more about how you keep life interesting, fun, and delightfully amusing. To post on social media, use the hashtag #PickAPathologistPalDay.

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Pick A Pathologist Pal Day was created by Wellcat.com's Thomas and Ruth Roy.