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National Violin Day

National Violin Day, December 13th, honoring an instrument also known as the fiddle, honoring the bow stringed instrument loved around the world.

The violinist manipulates the sound in a variety of ways by drawing the bow across the strings. To master the violin, a violinist masters the violin by using a variety of bowing techniques. The strokes were not limited to notes, but rather the note's quality.

Although we often associate the violin with classical music, it is also applicable to other genres. For example, the violinist demonstrates the versatility of the violin by extensive use in baroque music, jazz, folk music, rock and roll, and soft rock.

Although having ancient roots, violin-makers developed the majority of the violin's modern characteristics in Italy during the 16th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries, further changes were made.

Violin history

The first fiddlers from Inner Asia, according to reports, Turkic and Mongolian horsemen from Inner Asia were the world's oldest fiddlers. They were playing two-stringed upright fiddles strunging with horsehair strings strunging with horsehair strings. They also played horsehair bows and often featured a carved horse's head at the end of the neck. The nomads' violins, as well as the violas and cellos, are among the nomads' legacy. With bows still strunging with horsehair, we can today.

  • Andrea Amati is lauded for the oldest documented four-string violin, as well as the modern violins, dating back to 1555
  • When it was auctioned on June 20, 2011, the "Lady Blunt" sold for a record dollar amount. The Stradivari violin was sold for $15.9 million
  • Musicians and collectors alike want Stradivari instruments that are almost more expensive than any other manufacturer
  • A luthier makes or repairs violins

How to celebrate #nationalviolinday

The holiday season is a great time to hear the violin in concert. If you attend a holiday recital or buy tickets to the local chamber orchestra, the violin will unquestionably be a part of the performance. Other ways to enjoy this holiday include:: Here are some other ways to enjoy this holiday.

  • Listen to concerts online
  • Attendance of a school performance
  • Re-discover your violin skills and take a lesson or two
  • To a classroom, bring a violin concert
  • To your playlist, add violin music to your list
  • For the holidays, give the gift of music. For someone who wants to learn how to play, buy season tickets or lessons
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If commemorating the day, be sure to invite someone to enjoy it with you as well. Share your experience and use #NationalViolinDay to post on social media.

Violin FAQ

Q. How many strings does a violin have?

A. It can have from four to eight strings, depending on the violin's length.

Q. What are violins' measurements?

The adult 4/4 violin is the adult 4/4 violin, and its length is determined by the instrument's body. A. From there, the numbers have decreased by fractions: From there, the numbers have decreased by fractions:







Young children's tiniest sizes are often played by young children.