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National Ambrosia Day

National Ambrosia Day brings a refreshing salad to the celebration table right in the middle of the holiday season. Bring ambrosia to your holiday dinner or party on December 12th, rather than going home with an empty bowl.

According to Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the gods' nectar, giving strength and immortality to those who eat it. The word itself can refer to anything particularly delectable in terms of taste or smell.

Around the 1800s, the first ambrosia salad recipes appeared. The citrus fruit, coconut, and sugar were among the recipes that called for citrus fruit, coconut, and sugar. However, those who find coconut disagreeable leave it out of the dish. We must also note that if you omit coconut, a vehement protest could be heard from a true southerner.

A true ambrosia salad is served on the same day it is made. However, more recent recipes call for overnight refrigeration of the dish. Pine, nuts, cherries, apples, bananas, whipped cream, or yogurt are all common ingredients that are often added to the salad.

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Ambrosia is accompanies many family dinners and pot lucks. The dish's light and fresh flavor contrasted some of the more heavy dishes we encounter over the holidays. Ambrosia's fruit salad has a little more punch than traditional fruit salad. Some hostesses may also have trouble deciding whether to serve it with the desserts or the side dishes. Be sure your ambrosia with others, no matter how you choose to celebrate. This sweet dish makes Every Day better when there's a crowd to ooh and ahh over this delicious dish!

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