Mon Dec 11th

National Noodle Ring Day

On December 11th, the National Noodle Ring Day turns pasta recipes into a delectable round casserole. To really punctuate the ring in the day, use round pasta noodles instead of baking up your favorite dish.

Although the day may possibly be about the little round pasta noodles, it would be a fun way to commemorate. They make up a delectable pasta salad or several other pasta dishes. They're also popular with kids (of all ages) to use in various craft projects, perhaps even one that results in a stunning snowflake for the holidays.

However, the day honors the pasta dish that was made in an 8 or 9-inch ring mold or bundt pan. This dish is usually made from noodles, flour, breadcrumbs, cheese, eggs, and other seasonings. When baking, recipes call for the noodle ring to be removed from the mold and served on a plate, giving it a chic appearance.

How to celebrate #noodle ring day

Make a noodle ring to put your skills to the test. For a taste-testing, invite family and friends over for a taste-testing. We're positive they'll love it. We have a few different recipes to try: We have a few different recipes to try:

Baked Noodle Ring The Noodle Ring is a picture of a perfect Noodle Ring. Picture Perfect Noodle Ring Perfect Noodle Ring. Noodle Ring

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Noodle ring FAQ

Does noodle ring recipes include desserts? Q. Is noodle ring recipes inclusive of desserts?

A. We investigated, and yes, there are sweet noodle rings in the store.

Q. How many people will a noodle ring serve?

A. Depending on the size of the dish and ingredients, a noodle ring will hold between 6-12 people.

I don't have a Bundt pan. Is there another way to make a noodle ring?

A. You can use a tube pan or an angel food cake pan. If those aren't available, you can use a round cake pan or a casserole dish, but is it a noodle ring?