Mon Dec 11th

National App Day

On December 11th, National App Day encourages us to explore all of the possibilities that apps have to offer us.

When our mobile phones were equipped with smart technologies, applications such as Short for Software Application, appeared quickly. As the functionality of our phones increased with processing chips, internet connectivity, and touchscreens, so did the applications that were available.

Since that time, games have continued to influence how we work, live, and play. They provide opportunities, too, by the creation of thousands of new companies, millions of new employees, and billions of dollars in revenue.

With the introduction of Apple's iPhone in 2007, Apps accelerated in growth. Apple introduced OS 2.0 in 2008, which included approximately 500 applications and enabled third-party app development. A slew of applications for business, entertainment, gaming, marketing, recruitment, education, security, monitoring, and so much more can be found on both the Apple and Android platforms, as well as other aspects. And every day, programmers add thousands more.

Not only do apps keep us connected and organized, but applications that make our lives more active and changing lifestyles.

How to celebrate #nationalappday

What applications keep you connected and up-to-date? What services keep you connected and up-to-date? Is there one app that has changed your life? Is there one app that has changed your life? We want to know! We want to know! On social media, post your new app. Share how apps make your life easier. What tools do you use to save money and time? Beyond games, what applications do you use to save money and time? In addition to your standard favorites, try new ones. What kind of games do you recommend for the future?

Join the discussion using #NationalAppDay, and be sure to mention why you can't imagine life without your favorite applications. Click here to read the 2018 press release from App Day's founder. Click here to read the 2018 press release.

The national app day has a long tradition in national app day celebrations

Platinum Edge Media and its founder CJ Thompson established National App Day in 2017 to recognize the importance of apps in our collective culture by organically promoting creativity and innovation.


Q. What does "app" mean? The application is not complete, so the A. App is short.

Q. How can I download an app to my phone or tablet?

A. Download latest Apple applications from the App Store and on Google Play's Android phones.

Q. Is smart TVs smart? Are there applications?

A. Yes. Yes. The bulk of smart TVs' applications are for streaming movies, TV shows, music, and videos. Although some of the applications enable you to do much more, some of the ones allow you to do much more.