Weary Willie Day - December 9
Sat Dec 9th

Weary Willie Day

On December 9th, Weary Willie Day honors the art of clowning and the effects it has on our lives. Emmett Kelly, who was born on this day in 1898, was named for the character made popular by this holiday.

Weary Willie, a unique figure in clowning, was a peculiar figure in the art of clowning. At a time when the white-faced, goofy clown was the norm, Kelly had invented Weary Willy, but the idea of a sad, down-on-his-luck clown did not fit the style most circuses were looking for. Kelly took back on the white face and the brightly colored costume for the time being.

When the country was in the midst of the Great Depression, Times and attitudes changed. The nation's face was represented by Downtrodden and world-weary. People could identify with Weary Willie like never before. Willie, his frowning, whisker-shadowed face, as well as his smocking, torn, and worn costume, went on to become an American icon.

Emmett Kelly Jr., Weary Willie's son, carried on his appearance into the modern age until his death in 2003 at the age of 83.

How to celebrate #wearywillieday

Whether you're looking for a few people or pile into a tiny car, wear some big shoes, pantomime, or pile a bunch of people. A Clown college may be just around the corner. Stock up on a pair of our Crazy Socks to entertain people while clowning around. Learn more about Weary Willy. Emmett Kelly or Emmett Kelly's Life in Tatters and Smiles: Donald McManus' Greatest Clown on Earth. Henry Fonda plays Emmett Kelly in Henry Fonda's role as Emmett Kelly in The Clown. Grease Paint is another film about clowns. For a year, a family of clowns is chronicled in this series. Amazon has it. You can find it on Amazon.

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Clown FAQ

Who were some well-known clowns? Q. Who were some famous clowns?

A. Many clowns gained notoriety over the years, including comedian A. Some names include:: Some names include:: Some names include::

  • Bozo the Clown was first introduced by Alan W. Livingston in 1946 for audio recordings, and Pinto Colvig introduced it in 1946. On television, he will appear as Bozo later in life. Over a hundred people have represented Bozo since the time, over a hundred have since that date
  • Ronald McDonald – The long-time mascot for the hamburger franchise appeared on television in 1963. In the advertisements, Willard Scott (later the weatherman on the Today Show) portrayed the red-haired burger-loving character
  • Mr. Noodle – Bill Irwin – The clown appears on Sesame Street episodes. Bill Irwin has performed a variety of clowns during his career

Q. Is a mime a clown?

A. Although a clown wears face paint and occasionally elicits laughter, their art form is not considered a comedy style. However, clowning is more popular in more ways than one. Clowning is the art of performance, from their colorful and oversized costumes to slapstick style.

Q. What is a rodeo clown?

A. There are three specific rodeo clowns. Each has a vital role to play during the rodeo.

  • Bullfighter – The bullfighter's main job is to shield the riders
  • This clown leaps in and out of the barrel to distract the bull. Bartman – This clown leaps in and out of the barrel to distract the bull
  • Comedian – The comedy clown's primary job is to entertain the audience