Wed Dec 6th

National Miner's Day

The contributions of miners around the country are commemorated on National Miner's Day. In addition, the day honors the mining country's hardworking employees.

The country must keep in mind that mining is one of America's most dangerous occupations as we celebrate their achievements and recall the tragedies that these hard-working individuals endure. Every day, miners put their lives in jeopardy. They deal with health and safety issues as well as an uncertain future.

Every day we use products made from raw materials excavated from mines. These products are a result of the miners' labour. These men and women play a much more important part in our lives than most people realize.

How to celebrate #nationalminersday

Learn about mining history and how the industry shifts year after year throughout the day. Attend a mining memorial service. While there, be sure to familiarize yourself with the dangers and health risks associated with mining. Learning about mining is another way to participate. Thank miners, you know, for their hard work. Visit a mining museum on visit. Watch a mining documentary on YouTube. If you're a miner, please share your experiences with others.

To post on social media, use #NationalMinersDay.

The national miner's day in history is the first in the country's day

National Miner's Day in Monogah, West Virginia, commemorates the worst mining accident in history on December 6, 1907, the worst mining accident in history. The disaster resulted in the deaths of 362 miners. Congress declared the day to be observed each year on December 6th in 2009.