Tue Dec 5th

International Ninja Day

The International Ninja Day acknowledges the ninja's fascination with the ninja's past and pop culture.

Ninjas first appeared in the year 600. They were historically samurai warriors. They spied on or assassinated an enemy. Although some reports indicate they were samurai fallen, most point to the common man and woman. They walked among the farmers and servants of everyday life.

When is International Museum Day? However, the skills of a ninja were passed down from generation to generation. If a father were a ninja, he would almost prepare his son or daughter to be one, too.

Museums in Japan primarily focus on ninja history and lifestyle.

  • The Ninja Museum of Igary features the trade, exhibitions, and residences of the trade, protests, and residences
  • Kka Ninja Village – Attendance of the ninja camp and challenges. Tour the museum and several other locations

Novels and films have brought the ninja's journey from the ninja to the mainstream. From Japanese action films to animated turtles, ninja films covered the entire range of Japanese action films to animated turtles. Every age's imaginations were captured by spy novels, comic books, and series. Before ninja became a genre all its own, their mystery fed storylines across genres.

How to celebrate #internationalninjaday on a global basis in jaday

Learn more about ninjas on the day. Read about their past or watch a ninja documentary. Try to move as quietly and quickly as a ninja. Share your ninja tips and secrets with someone. Learn a martial art.

  • ***Ninjas Secret History Of The Ninja Uncovered Full Documentary – National Geographic
  • Antony Cummins' Historical Truth of Ninjutsu: The Historical Truth of the Ninja

To post on social media, use the hashtag #InternationalNinjaDay.

History of the international ninja day has spanned history

In 2003, Ninja Burger introduced International Ninja Day as a way to honor the Ninja speed with which their burgers are sold.