Mon Dec 4th

National Dice Day

National Dice Day, which falls on December 4th, recognizes an ancient gaming device. Many games include dice as a way to introduce random challenges or obstacles to the objectives. It's time to play the dice and see where you land!

Players often throw dice onto a flat surface from their hands or a cup. The throw's value is determined by the uppermost portion of the die after it comes to rest. Craps is one of the most popular dice game, where wagers are made on the total value of the dice throw. Players often used in board games, players use dice to randomize their moves, often by determining the distance a piece will travel on a board. Backgammon and Monopoly are two of the most popular board games using dice.

Players first chose from the hoofed animals' talus (ankle bone) talus (ankle bone). They also made dice from ivory, wood, and plastics. Dice also comes in many shapes and colors.

How to celebrate #nationaldiceday

Play dice to play a game. On the rear-view mirror, hang those fuzzy dice. If you have two dies, you could be in pair o' dice. To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalDiceDay.

Dice FAQ

What does "no dice" mean? Q. What does "no dice" imply?

A. The word "no dice" came from gaming. When the roll doesn't land the way they wanted, a dealer or competitor will often say, "No dice." It can be either deny permission or refuse a request today. "No dice" is the answer you'd expect when you ask your parents for a new phone.

Q. What is the singular form of "dice"?

A. The unique feature of dice is "die."

How many sides are on a typical diet? Q. How many people are on a typical diet?

A. There are six sides to a common diete. However, there are several different kinds of dice.

What are the dots on a die called? Q. What are the dots on a die?

A. The dots on a die are called "pips." Each pip or combination of pips represents a number. Each pip or combination of pips represents a number. Pips can also be found on golf balls and dominoes.