Sun Dec 3rd

National Roof Over Your Head Day

Starting with the roof over your head, National Roof Over Your Head Day was created as a day to be grateful for what you have. There are several things we take for granted and don't stop to reflect how grateful we are for having them.

Across the United States, there are those that are missing the essentials to everyday life. They may not have a roof over their heads, enough food to eat, or clothes to wear. It may be insufficient for those that have the basic needs.

The day reminds us to appreciate what we have. This day comes closely after Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful. So, be thankful for what you do have and always remember that it is a better feeling than worrying about what you do not have on Thanksgiving.

How to celebrate #roofoveryourheadday on a #roofoveryourheadday

To celebrate, take a name or two from a Christmas Giving Tree and make someone's holiday a little more enjoyable. Volunteer at or make a donation to a homeless shelter in your neighborhood. Your gift may help someone else have a "roof over their head" tonight. To post on social media, use the hashtag #RoofOverYourHeadDay.