Sat Dec 2nd

National Fritters Day

No frittering is allowed on December 2nd, which is a holiday in the United States. Make haste and get them while they are hot!

Fritters come in a variety of shapes, from morsels coated in flavorful batters to pieces of dough stuffed or packed with delectable surprises. All of the varieties are deep-fried and served hot with dips, drips, or dustings of seasonings, candy, or sauces. Cultures from around the world produce some sort of fritter. Ancient Romans first consumed fritters, according to May. They then introduced them to Europe, and they soon introduced them to Europe. Fritters can also be filled with savory meats, seafood, and vegetables, most commonly filled with fruit or cheese.

How to celebrate #nationalfrittersday

For your dinner tonight, try some fritters. You can try corn fritters or apple fritters. Potato fritters are another favorite. Try a few different dishes, but be sure to share your favorite. We've got some recipes to try.

Potato Fritters Corn Fritters Banana Fritters are a deep-fried Banana Fritters that are deep-fried.

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Fritter FAQ

Q. Is fritters sweet or savory?

A. Fritters can be sweet or savory. The base ingredient often determines which direction the fritter leans. Fritters can be made from potatoes, zucchini, apples, bananas, fish, corn, and cheese.

Is fritters a donut? Q. Is it fritters?

A. Fritters, especially the sweet kind, are very similar to donuts. Where donuts are usually topped with sweet treats, bakers fold ingredients into fritters, and bakers often turn ingredients into fritters. Donuts can also be cut into symmetrical shapes, while fritter batter is immediately added to the oil for cooking.