Fri Dec 1st

National Pie Day

On National Pie Day, dessert enthusiasts around the country enjoy a slice of their favorite on December 1st each year. Pie is so delectable that we repeat it twice a year. January 23rd is the most popular date.

Although it is the lesser of the two celebrated PIE days (don't forget National Pi Day on March 14th), it does fall smack dab in the middle of a big pie-making season.

Most people favor either cake people or pie people, with ice cream as a dessert option. Or, to put it another way, most people have cake or pie with their ice cream! The day brings together our bumper fruit crops with a burgeoning holiday season full of baked goods, cool weather, and rosy-cheeked children. It's definitely time to tie on those apron strings and get baking.

Of course, we make more than fruit pies! On a cold winter's day and the warmth a family cook needs when caring for a family, Savory pot pies provide warmth on a cold winter's day and the content a family cook needs when caring for a family.

Pecan Pie Blueberry Pie Pumpkin Pie

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Q. Can I have pie all year round?

Yes! Yes! Pie is one of those dishes that can be enjoyed any time of year.

I have to cut a pie in wedges, or can I slice it in squares? Q. Do I have to slice a pie in wedges?

A. Slicing a pie into wedges allows you to serve every portion of the pie in equal portions. And no, it isn't a pizza.

Q. How many pie days are in December?

In December, we celebrate two pie days: National Pie Day and National Pumpkin Pie Day.

Is a pie hot or cold? Q. Is it hot or cold?

A. Most pies are best served warm. However, some exceptions remain.