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National Craft Jerky Day

On November 27th, National Craft Jerky Day recognizes that craft jerky is the measure by which all other jerky is measured. It awakens the taste buds and ignites jerky fans around the world. The day is dedicated to the artisans of this dehydrated, seasoned meat, and snack extraordinaire.

In a world marred by jerky marketing gimmicks, there are those who satisfy the world's craving for original carnivorous creations in a world secluded by jerky marketing gimmicks. Many who pioneered their own path in the meat industry are honored on National Craft Jerky Day.

For those, jerky making is a tradition. The meat reignales the world with a tale of family, dedication, passion, and, in simple terms, hunger. The flavors are based on recipes that have been passed down through generations, from hunters, farmers, families, and old friends. They come alive when making spices and grilling a slew of woods, unlocking the natural flavors embedded in the dried meat. Quality meat and small batch production also beget unique, original recipes that are often inspired by regional fare and flair.

The amount of flavor you experience today will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds for the casual jerky fan. And, it will forever change your jerky tastes. National Craft Jerky Day honors you and your contribution to the craft for those artisans who wish to pass on their traditions beyond family and friends.

How to celebrate #nationalcraftjerkyday

Let us sink our ravenous teeth into the delicacy that is jerky on November 27th. Savor the beef, pork, venison, bird, or buffalo. Never to look back, Delve into the meat manifestations of the modern jerky era. On delectable jerky, Shine the spotlight on flavor, spice, sweetness, smoky, sweetness, smoky, tender. And we should all thank the dedicated artisans who make our lives such pleasure.

  • If you're enjoying your new artisan fare, give a shout-out to those who keep these family traditions alive
  • Feed the storytelling fires and order more of the artisanal best to send to family and friends. It's another delectable way to shop small
  • Add this carnivorous gift to your holiday wish list, if you're looking for something small. This useful gift will always fit and won't become cluttered in June

No matter how you celebrate, be sure to join the discussion and post #NationalCraftJerkyDay on social media.

The national craft jerky day in history jerky day in history

Long Beach Jerky Co. established National Craft Jerky Day to honor all the small-batch jerky designers. The genesis of his art was Alex Naticchioni, the founder of Long Beach Jerky Co. and the impetus behind this glorious day of carnivorous appetites, making jerky on Christmas day with his grandfather, Albert (AKA "Gramps"). In fact, Alex and company chose November 27th in honor of Gramps' birthday, and his legacy will continue to be inspired and adored by his family's love. Long Beach Jerky Co. and several other jerky owners' began as a family tradition and has developed into a passion, a drive to create a new market for all jerky varieties.

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