World Hello Day - November 21
Tue Nov 21st

World Hello Day

On November 21st, World Hello Day celebrates the vital role that communication plays in preserving peace. The day also encourages world leaders to engage rather than force to resolve conflicts.

To say hello, it doesn't take a lot of effort. It's just one little word that means a lot. Hello indicates that you are friendly. It shows that you want to connect with someone. Saying hello is a great way to start a conversation. Generally, people say hello to someone back when you say hello to them.

Hello provides a way to connect with anyone from family members to co-workers. On the sidewalk or in the hallway, you can even welcome strangers you pass by. Saying hello with a smile is a great way to brighten someone's day. It's amazing how one little word brings so much goodness to the world.

The word hello is used in a variety of fun facts about the word hello

  • A baby's first words, hello, is often one of the first words a baby says
  • Thomas Edison was the first to say hello after receiving a phone call
  • Hello is thought to derive from the word hail, which dates back to the Middle Ages
  • Hello is related to other words that indicate health
  • The word was first used in the 1800s, but it was later used to express surprise
  • Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour, Guten tag, Ciao, Namaste, Salaam, Ohayo, Jambo, and Nay hoh are all ways to say hello in other languages

How to celebrate #worldhelloday

On this day, participants are encouraged to say hello to ten different people. Don't just reserve this word for coworkers, acquaintance, and family members. You can even say hello to strangers. Perhaps you'll be sharing an elevator or shopping in the same aisle at the grocery store. Keep track of how many people say it back when saying hello. Also, try to see how they sound when you say hello. Is it pleasantly surprised? Are they pleasantly surprised? Perhaps saying hello will even help you make a new friend. If you haven't spoken to someone in a long time, text or call with a simple hello. It may be that it will help bring calm to the marriage.

#WorldHelloDay is a hashtag that has spread this day on social media.

History of the world hello day has dominated history

World Hello Day began in 1973 as a simple reaction to the conflict between Egypt and Israel. The Yom Kippur War was the war that ended. World Hello Day was founded by two brothers, Brian McCormack and Michael McCormack. To inspire world leaders to participate, they sent 1360 letters in 7 languages. Today it is a global expression of peace in 180 countries.