Mon Nov 20th

National Absurdity Day

National Absurdity Day reigns supreme on November 20th. Oddness and strangeness take over. We're not sure why, but it does.

Strange events have marked the calendar throughout history. People do it today. It may seem absurd to fly your child across the country by plane, but people do. The precious box is being returned by a process, attendants, and an adult on the other side of the world. Children under the shipping weights were sent around the world by parcel delivery when the postal service first began in 1913. Some of the babies were sent off to Grandma's house, but some were sold off to Grandma's house, others for as little as 15 cents more insurance.

This day was established as a day to recall and note some of the completely off-the-wall and bizarre activities in history, both in our country and in our lives.

Absurdity Day is also a day to have fun and do crazy, zany, and bizarre stuff. Use the day to reveal the silly antics embedded within them. You should do things that make absolutely no sense at all, and it will be fine because you're commemorating this National Day.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalAbsurdityDay #NationalAbsurdityDay - How TO ObSERVE #NationalAbsurdityDay Do whatever ridiculous things that come to your mind. (Please keep safety in mind) (Please keep safety in mind.) To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalAbsurdityDay.

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Absurd FAQ

Q. What word rhymes with absurd?

A. Besides the word, absurd also rhymes with:

  • bird
  • deterred
  • third
  • shepherd
  • spurred
  • curd

What's an odd occurrence from 1901? Q. What's an absurd fact from 1901?

A. In 1901, a 31-book set of the Encyclopedia Britannica with all the world's bizarre facts cost $1 per volume.