Fri Nov 17th

National Homemade Bread Day

On November 17th, homes will be brimming with warm, comforting aromas, reminding us to relax and enjoy National Homemade Bread Day.

We should all slow down, according to Yeast bread. We need to spend time with each other as we work the dough and allow it to rest and rise before baking. Quick breads make a unique treat to share and enjoy with coffee or tea. Other handmade breads, such as donuts, pretzels, muffins, and biscuits, can be used to create a variety of our everyday meals. Making them with friends and family brings joy and the ability to swap recipes.

Many that make homemade bread pledge to using fresh ingredients and investing in the right amount at the time. They make it not only because they love the flavor but because they know the people they love to do as well. Homemade bread also adds to our meals' flavors and the flavors of our discussions.

Bread is a symbolism throughout the world, in cultures and faiths, around the world. Bread is important in our lives. Our daily bread is considered our livelihood by many people. We're making it, breaking it down, and eating it as part of our faith. If it's sliced or boring if it's white, bread can be exciting. There's also a bonus bread. However, it does seem that if it's buttered on both directions, it would be a bit tumultuous. It's messy, too, when we roll in the dough. Bake it, and it becomes heavy bread, but it still means the same thing.

How to celebrate #homemadebreadday

Take out your recipe box and get to baking. Or try a few new recipes like the ones below. It's the best thing since sliced bread! Make bread, but don't forget to use some for homemade croutons as well. Other than on a salad, there are 7 great ways to use croutons.

French Bread

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The national homemade bread day celebrations have a long tradition

The National Homemade Bread Committee from Ann Arbor, Michigan, created National Homemade Bread Day to encourage families to enjoy making homemade bread. Since the 1980s, the day has been commemorated.

Bread FAQ

Q. Can I make bread using brewer's yeast?

A. You could, but the bread won't be as light and fluffy as you're used to. A. You should, but not as light and fluffy as you're used to. Baker's yeast has more CO2 than brewer's yeast, making it more suitable for bread making.

Q. Is yeast a living organism?

A. Yes. Yes. It reproduces quickly under the right conditions. That's why certain yeasts are so popular for baking and brewing.