Thu Nov 16th

National Fast Food Day

## How to celebrate #nationalfastfoodday.

Invite a group of people to your new fast-food restaurant. A shake and some rings are shared. Do you like breakfast or lunch? No matter which one you like, you will get it to go to make it faster.

Use #NationalFastFoodDay to promote your favorite fast-food restaurant on social media.

Fast food FAQ

Which is quicker, drive-thru, or walking in? Q. Which is quicker, drive-thru or walking in?

A. Most of it depends on the time of day. The line of cars may stretch to the street during busy lunch and dinner hours, and it is certainly quicker to order at a fast-food restaurant. However, the drive-thru will beat the lobby almost every time during slower times. In addition, most restaurants have their drive-thru systems down to a science, cutting down the time it takes to finish an order and increasing the number of customers served by the drive-thru.

What is the healthiest dish to order from a fast-food restaurant? Q. What is the healthiest food to eat from a McDonald's?

A. That's a difficult question because fast food is unquestionably unhealthy. Here are a few tips: If our choices are limited to fast food for whatever reason, here are a few suggestions:

  • Choose grilled over fried for grilled over fried. Grilled will be healthier almost every time
  • Order a salad
  • For a salad, swap out the fries for a salad
  • Skip the soda. Drink water
  • Order a kid's meal. Over a full-sized dish, the smaller portions (and in some cases healthier options) will be a winner over a full-sized meal
  • Check out their soups. Order that if there are any that are broth-based
  • If you must have those fries, please share them with someone