Thu Nov 16th

International Check Your Wipers Day

On November 16, International Check Your Wipers Day (ICWW) Day, reminds drivers to regularly check their windshield wipers to ensure maximum visibility in the event of inclement weather on the road.

About 21% of all accidents in the United States are weather-related, according to the FHW A. It's important to warn travelers that when planning for road trips, they should proactively check their wipers. Visibility is a significant factor in driving in poor weather conditions such as rain, snow, and ice. According to a MICHELIN Wiper Blades poll, 92% of drivers agree that bad wiper blades can influence their driving performance. However, 90% of drivers do not take the time to inspect their wipers properly, and 55% of drivers don't know how to check their wiper blades properly.

OBSERVING #CheckYourWipersDay #CheckYourWipersDay #checkYourWipersDay #checkYourWipersDay On International Check Your Wipers Day, ensure your family's driving ability and safety by checking the windshield wipers on all your vehicles. These are all great reminders of when to check your wipers.

  • During an oil change, the oil change was performed
  • When you fill gas
  • After a car wash
  • Before a road trip
  • The start of the winter and spring seasons are both available
  • To your preventive checklist, add checking your wipers. When you celebrate, be sure to use #CheckYourWipersDay on social media

According to Standard guidelines, we should change our wiper blades every 6 to 12 months. However, the frequency varies depending on the location of residence and how often the car is driven. People must regularly check their wipers to ensure that they are not past their expiration date, which results in decreased visibility.

Regular car care includes routinely checking the wiper blades for optimal performance. In addition, it helps you avoid being trapped in inclement weather.