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America Recycles Day

Millions of people around the United States participate in America Recycles Day each year on November 15. The day raises concerns about recycling and the buying of refurbished products.

How we recycle and reuse products is vital. For example, one-use water bottles flood America's waterways and landfills at a rate of 60 million per day. Reducing this number can be achieved with water filter systems and using portable reusable drinking bottles and cups.

Repurposing and reusing old items reduce waste by repurposing and recycling old items. Shopping at secondhand stores is one of the easiest ways to do this. Not only does it prevent items from ending up in the landfill, but it also saves you money. "One person's garbage is another person's treasure," the old adage says. These stores have more than you could imagine, from clothing and furniture to kitchen accessories and replacement parts. Consider it if you've never shopped this way.

Aluminum is one of the few things we excel at recycling. In fact, the United States recycles about 65% of its aluminum. That's more than any other recycled product.

  • Every minute, 105,800 cans are recycled in America
  • From the electricity saved by recycling one can, your television will run for three hours
  • An aluminum can was worth about 1.7 cents in 2019 when it was released
  • Recycled cans cost the industry more than $1 billion each year

Recycling is a slew of resources available to waste disposal professionals. They'll give you the hard facts and point you in the right direction, as well. Waste management's role goes far beyond garbage collection. They offer a variety of services and programs designed to shield and minimize the impact we have on our environment in each neighborhood.

Recycle, purchase refurbished products, and help others understand the benefits of recycling, and continue to do so every day. To post on social media, use #AmericaRecyclesDay.

The day is america recycles in history. america recycles day history

In 1997, the National Recycling Coalition established America Recycles Day. The National Recycling Coalition established America Recycles Day. Each year, President Barack declares the day, encouraging Americans to commit to recycling. This day has been a part of Keep America Beautiful since 2009. Thousands of events have been held around the country to raise concerns about the importance of recycling and promoting recycled materials. Organizations host thousands of events around the country to raise money awareness of the importance of recycling and making recycled products.

Recycle FAQ

Q. Is there different types of recycling?

A. Yes. Yes. Recycling is divided into three main categories. Primary recycling is the first, and perhaps one you are most familiar with, and it is certainly one you are most familiar with. Primary recycling is the conversion of recycling materials into more of the same products – glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper into paper, cardboard boxes into cardboard boxes – and cardboard boxes to cardboard boxes. Secondary recycling is the next generation. Secondary recycling uses the same materials as primary recycling in that secondary recycling uses the same materials. However, the process creates something new. Plastic bottles have become plastic furniture, and rubber tires have been turned into playground turf; rubber tires have been converted into playground turf. Tertiary recycling converts a product into a new, usable product after a brief, useful life span.

Q. What are some items I can recycle?

A. Here's a rundown of what you can start recycling:

  • paper
  • plastic
  • steel cans
  • aluminum cans
  • rubber
  • cardboard
  • food waste
  • glass