Wed Nov 15th

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

On November 15th, National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day encourages us to plan for the forthcoming holidays. Get a soap and hot water bucket, disinfectant, a sponge, and a garbage bag. Then you will be set for the day!

Cleaning out the refrigerator makes sense with a family gathering and a large turkey to be roasted. Not only will we need space for all of the upcoming leftovers, but we also need space for all of the upcoming leftovers. Many people dread this job. However, it is still an important job.

The refrigerator gets neglected due to our active and crowded schedules. Hence, the establishment of National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day was prompted. At the back of the shelves, there may be a surprise or two. As new food is introduced in the front and is forgotten, things are often put off as new food is introduced in the front and is often put back.

The meat and vegetable drawers were the dirtiest areas in our kitchens, according to the Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International, causing disease.

However, those who clean their fridges more often tend to waste more food. There's a lot of information on the frequency of fridge cleaning out there. Understanding food labels and the meanings behind "sell by" and "best by" dates are also critical. These labels don't necessarily mean a product has gone bad, but that the product's quality is at its highest point by the date on the label. However, some of us are curious about "use by."

How to celebrate #cleanoutyourrefrigeratorday on your refrigerator

Refrigeration cleaning is one of the following suggestions: Some refrigeration cleaning tips include:

  • Empty each shelf
  • The refrigerator's interior is completely wiped down
  • The drawers and drawers are located in the wash drawers and drawers
  • Throw away all expired food right away
  • Throw away any moldy food
  • Get rid of anything that you don't use
  • Vacuum condenser coils
  • Vacuum is out under the refrigerator, so it is out under the refrigerator
  • Good food is available on Restock shelves and drawers
  • Enjoy your new, clean, organized refrigerator

To post on social media, use the hashtag #CleanOutYourRefrigeratorDay.

Your refrigerator day is the first national clean out your refrigerator day in history

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day was established in 1999 by Whirlpool Home Appliances to encourage people to clean out their refrigerators in advance of the forthcoming holidays. At that time, the company also had a toll-free hotline that people could dial into for cleaning tips.

Refrigerator FAQ

Q. How often should I clean out my fridge?

A. Clean your fridge every week or two. To start grocery shopping, a good rule of thumb is to clean the fridge before going grocery shopping. This behavior not only saves you from buying but it prevents you from overspending. Take a hot soapy rag and wipe down the shelves and doors while disposing of any science experiments. Take a look at the cheese, eggs, and butter. The ranch dressing should last another week, and the mayo should too.

In my fridge, things are always getting lost. How can I fix it? How can I fix it?

A. Those things that are shoved to the back are easy to forget. Did you know that many of the shelves on today's models' shelves slide forward for easy inspection? That's correct. Just lift up and press forward. Other options include see-through, labeled containers, lazy Susans, and dividers.

Q. What temperature should I set my refrigerator?

A. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 40°F or below is the ideal temperature to keep food safe and chilled.