National Seat Belt Day - November 14
Tue Nov 14th

National Seat Belt Day

As the holidays approach, National Seat Belt Day, on November 14th, encourages everyone to take action and save lives. Wearing a seat belt has been shown to save lives, regardless of where you are sitting in a car.

Just over 90% of Americans buckle up, saving an estimated 15,000 lives each year. However, 57% of passenger fatalities in 2017 were not restrained, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Seat belts have been shown to minimize serious injury risk and save lives.

It's been 60 years since the introduction of the three-point seat belt, and this restraint has saved hundreds of thousands of people. Since then, the industry has introduced advanced safety equipment to automobiles. However, many of these advancements will not save a life unless the driver and passengers are seat belt restraints. For example, airbags that pair properly with proper seat belt use work most effectively when paired with proper seat belt use. Without the restraining hold of a seat belt, the force with which an airbag deploys can be deadly on its own can be deadly.

Be sure everyone buckles up during this holiday travel season and every season. Anyone safely arriving will be worth celebrating!

How to celebrate #nationalseatbeltday

Every time, everyone buckles up. Each passenger buckles up, too, according to the Drivers. Whether it's a quick trip to the store or a road trip to see family, buckle your seat belt before you hit the road. Even if ridesharing isn't as important, buckling up is just as important. Seat belts are also encouraged. Let them know how important it is to keep them healthy and safe. Allow your children to see you buckling up every time. Listen as they remind you (because we know they do) and listen.

Accidents aren't ever planned and happen in a flash. When an accident occurs, there's never enough time to buckle on a seat belt, but there is always time before leaving the driveway.

On social media, post the tweet using #NationalSeatBeltDay.

History has shown that the national seat belt day has existed for more than a century

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), Volvo, and Uber all banded up to remind everyone of the importance of buckling up by announcing National Seat Belt Day in 2019. The first year marked the 60th anniversary of Volvo's invention of the modern seat belt.