Sun Nov 12th

National French Dip Day

On November 12th, warm up some au jus and celebrate National French Dip Day.

On a French roll, hot, tender slices of beef or pork make up a delectable sandwich. Occasionally cheese is added to dishes. However, the au jus and spicy mustard are the key ingredients, but the au jus and spicy mustard are the key ingredients. The French dip is a decadent, multi-napkin experience everyone should have, with tender beef swimming in a flavor bath of pan drippings absorbed into the crusty roll. If you've never had one before, make sure you find one by following the steps below.

When your order arrives, start with a generous helping of mustard. Dunk your sandwich into the au jus for 1-2 seconds next. Permit the bread to soak up the delectable, au jus. When you take your first bite of a French dip, be sure to have a flavor experience!

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History of the national french dip day has influenced national french dip day

Cole's French Dip, the maker of the French Dip sandwich, established National French Dip Day in 2018 in honor of the 110th anniversary of their opening in historic downtown Los Angeles on November 12, 1908.