Sat Nov 11th

National Sundae Day


Ice cream enthusiasts around the world celebrate National Sundae Day on November 11th. Bring a friend and try one of every flavor.

An ice cream sundae typically consist of one or two scoops of ice cream topped with syrup or sauce, and usually consist of one or two scoops of ice cream topped with syrup or sauce. The sundae is often topped with whipped cream, maraschino cherry, sprinkles, pineapple, or a combination of other toppings.

5 – National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.

National Strawberry Sundae Day is July 7 – National Strawberry Sundae Day.

Although the earliest known record of an ice cream sundae is an Ithaca, NY advertisement, the dessert's source is still debated. The ice cream treat was spelled with the word "today" in the Ithaca Daily Journal's October 5, 1892 ad – Sunday.

Druggist Edward Berners served the first ice cream sundae in 1881, according to Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Customer George Hallauer ordered an ice cream soda on a Sunday, according to the article. On the Sabbath, the selling of ice cream sodas was outlawed by law. Berners came up with a compromise, despite this. He served the ice cream in a dish without the soda.

In addition,, he topped it with chocolate syrup. Given the time, he called it a Sundae. Berners was 18 at the time when the tale takes place, which is one of the story's most interesting finds.

Reverend John M. Scott stops to order a bowl of ice cream at Platt & Colt Pharmacy in 1892, where Reverend John M. Scott stops to order a bowl of ice cream. When Chester Platt, the cream's maker, began making the ice cream for his client, he didn't stop at just a few scoops of vanilla. Platt drizzled cherry syrup over the ice cream and topped them with a vibrant red, candied cherry. The dessert looked and tasted so delectable that it warranted its own name. Since the day was Sunday, it was named for the day it was established. In addition to an advertisement for a Cherry Sunday, Ithaca has historical evidence to back up the tale.

How to celebrate #nationalsundaeday

Make yourself a sundae or order one from friends and order one. Another way to commemorate is by hosting a sundae bar. Invite your friends to bring their favorite toppings and begin making some delectable desserts! To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalSundaeDay.

Sundae FAQ

Q. Is a banana split a sundae?

A. Although the banana split qualifies as a sundae, not all sundaes are banana splits. Both desserts include ice cream, whipped cream, and a form of sauce. However, if your dish includes a banana split lengthwise down the middle, it's just a sundae rather than a banana split.

Before finishing eating my sundae, I always run out of sauce. How can I be sure I have sauce on every bite of ice cream?

A. One of the reasons we love sundaes is because we can top them with chocolate, strawberry, caramel, or any of our favorite sauces. We have the ultimate solution if you run out of sauce before running out of ice cream. Drizzle a few teaspoons of your favorite sauce into the bottom of the bowl before adding the ice cream. With more sauce, then top the whole sundae.