National Parents as Teachers Day – November 8th
Wed Nov 8th

National Parents As Teachers Day

Parents are encouraged by National Parents as Teachers Day on November 8th, and teachers are encouraged to help children achieve their educational goals.

Parents as Teachers Organizations (PTA) provide educational assistance to parents around the country. These affiliates provide all parents of young children with assistance, and the website also has information so that all children learn, grow, and develop to their full potential.

Parents as Teachers was a teaching tool that was introduced in Missouri in the 1970s. Parents as Teachers was a teacher. Children were starting kindergarten with varying levels of school readiness, according to educators. Greater parental involvement, according to study, is a crucial component in the child's learning of literacy and writing.

Parents are given tools, information, and assistance to guide them and their children on the day.

How to celebrate #parentsasteachersday

Take some time to teach your children something new. Helping with education in your neighborhood, join a local group to support education. To post on social media, use the hashtag #ParentsAsTeachersDay.

National parents as teachers day history has a long tradition as teachers day

In 2001, the Parents as Teachers National Center in St. Louis, Missouri, declared the first Parents as Teachers on Teachers Day. They were assisting community events in raising the awareness of early childhood services.