Wed Nov 1st

National Family Literacy Day

On November 1st, families from around the world to celebrate National Family Literacy Day. Families who read together prosper together.

More reasons than ever for families to read aloud to their children from a young age. Besides the fact that reading promotes quiet, quality family time, it also improves early vocabulary skills. Check out these reasons: If that wasn't enough to get a family reading together, try these reasons:

  • Their attention span and yours are expanding. Even to your youngest child, read chapter books. They may drift off to sleep, but they are listening and their attention span will lengthen
  • It's free. Books can be checked out from the library
  • You can read at a child's level, and they will still listen and comprehend
  • Improve listening skills. See the image above
  • It's portable. Reading doesn't need batteries. Except at night, except at night
  • Reading is a skill that will never be forgotten. They never stop learning to read once a child learns to read. You'll know because you'll have to avoid saying such words to your spouse because you'll have to avoid saying such words to your spouse
  • It increases imagination and creativity, which also increases imagination and creativity
  • Reading opens up a discussion between parent and child

How to celebrate #familyliteracyday

This day, which is celebrated around the United States, this day focuses on specific activities and events that highlight the importance of family literacy services. Attend a program or activity at a school or library near you. Get together with family and read a book together. Other ways to commemorate National Family Literacy Day include:: Here are some other ways to commemorate National Family Literacy Day.

  • Visiting the library and getting a library card are two of the benefits
  • In your house, make a reading nook
  • At home, starting a tradition of reading time
  • Your children will enjoy new genres. Often, a different topic is all it takes to get children excited about reading
  • Have a spelling bee night
  • Play Scrabble or other word games

You can also post your favorite ways to encourage reading in your household. Read 9 Ways to Encourage Reading in Your Home if you're looking for ideas. If you're celebrating, be sure to post #FamilyLiteracyDay on social media.

LITERACY DAY IN NATIONAL FAMILY LITERACY DAY HISTORY DAY HISTORY DAY HISTORY DAY. The 103rd Congress passed Joint Resolution 413 in 1994, designating November 1 National Family Literacy Day. The day marks the start of National Literacy Month.