Wed Nov 1st

National Calzone Day

If the air is spruced with the scent of garlic and tomato sauce on November 1st, it may be time to celebrate National Calzone Day.

Calzones take the delectable toppings and cheese of a pizza and tie it up tight in a warm garlicky, crusty box. It originated in Naples, Italy, and it was also known as calzoni in certain regions of Italy, such as the pizza. It seems that it is a revolving process. The calzone is as varied as pizzas come these days as the calzone does.

Legs are trouser legs in this loose translation from Italian to English. This translation may clarify the purpose of calzone, which is essentially a pizza hand pie. However, carrying out the challenge of eating a calzone while walking on two legs is mighty improbably. Consider that they were overflowing with a slew of cheeses, meat, vegetables, and sauces!

To add flavor, Calzone dough is infused with garlic and butter. Sauces made from scratch with Italian herbs and spices give every calzone dish the old world flair. Aromas fill the air by the time the mozzarella, provolone, or parmesan melts into the sausage, spinach, or whatever desired ingredients. Our mouths are already swollen, no wonder.

So take a seat, invite some colleagues, and enjoy the evening savoring a well-made calzone.

How to Observe #nationalcalzoneday

Experience a new, hot-from-the-oven calzone and hashtag NationalCalzoneDay to post on social media.

The national calzone day is the longest in national calzone day history

Minsky's Pizza established National Calzone Day in 2016 to commemorate its 40th anniversary and their passion for delectable, handmade calzones.